strip bannernew-logo25 James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


“Fantasies are essential to ideology because they provide the frame that is imposed upon historical events to deliver us from traumatic realities… Ideology renders history unknowable.”– Walter A. Davis, Death’s Dream Kingdom, The American Psych Since 9/11, p. 12.


They are the deciders, we are, to them, the mere children along for the ride. They steer the car, decide between them where it will go. We can make suggestions, but our suggestions are only honored if or when they fit their plans. It’s their story, and our objections that their conclusions are, and therefore their whole blasted narrative is wrong, are ignored as impertinent. We may get slapped for even suggesting such, because our propensity for thinking avails nothing since it is they, not we, who are creating and acting out the story.

So, why does a 9/11, or why do other more-or-less catastrophic shock events happen and keep happening, sometimes more than one per week lately? Because, in their perception, we need to be shaken and shaken hard, wherever we are, before we will listen to them and get with the program – their program. They need to demonstrably scare us to get us to comply. And threats of violence, attack, and war sadly necessitated, instigated always by the other (and next, it’s been postulated, the other might be invading space aliens) tend to mobilize the underlings – us – of the controllers (them, the mad psychos who run the planet because they’re the baddest dudes, lineally or genetically determined as a rule. If we see the other running appallingly amok somewhere on TV, they figure we (the taxpayers and foot soldiers) will demand that our protectors (them) to go on the attack, lest they might come and target us for death and destruction next.

They have to shake the tree, and shake it harder and harder and more and more frequently, and not wait around for the attacks to happen, but simulate such and fabricate such on cue, to propel us to do what they want us to – that is, they have to shake down the fruit of our controllable and inducible wrath to fuel and conform to their thrusts and lusts for asserting tighter full-spectrum control and vast new material (profit) opportunities. That’s their whole program.

And meanwhile, we’re supposed to be so preoccupied with our fears and wrath against the designated other as to be oblivious to all the other awful things, financially and legislatively via their puppets and with regard to our supposed rights that our controllers keep on steadily doing to weaken us and further tighten their practically unchallenged control of Planet Earth.

And our little (by comparison, really miniscule and seemingly insignificant) complaints about 9/11 and evidence and what science shows are like a little flame in a hurricane.

But, inevitably, small flames – while they don’t destroy hurricanes – will either blow out / blow over, or roar out of control and consume the controllers’ world, so that life can begin again, pure and innocent. Let’s keep our brave torch lit!

JH: 2/18/15