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DeLauro and Durbin are selling their new efforts to redefine supplements and vitamins so that only big pharma can manufacture and sell them.  They are calling it the Food Safety Act 2015.  Excuse me!  Didn’t we just do this fake food safety thing about five years ago?  The cost of this horrendously disastrous bill was billions.  Now Obama is asking for another 1.6 billion to further exacerbate the issue with a new round of fake food safety?

No, no, NOThese bills will do two things:  1) Create another monolithic, uncontrollable secretive agency that will work in favor of globalism and against American food producers, and 2) it will be used to redefine vitamins and supplements as a medicine so that this market sector can be monopolized by big pharma.

Depending on where you get your information, the supplement industry generates 28-30 billion a year in sales. BINGO! Now you know the real reason Durbin is so hell-bent on creating a new bureaucracy to facilitate the over-taking of the vitamin/supplement industry. This would make a wonderful gift to his pharmaceutical donors.

Its unfortunate that Dick Durbin and Rosa DeLauro express no concern over the injuries and deaths caused by pharmaceuticals and vaccines. These two items represent tens of thousands of deaths and permanent injuries each and every year. Instead, these two political sell-outs are working at a feverish pace to sequester the supplement industry and put it not only under control of some huge new bureaucracy, but squarely in the hands of big pharmaceutical companies.

Just imagine for a moment, if a supplement was advertised on your TV and the manufacturer said the supplement could cause homicidal, suicidal ideation. What if they went on to say the supplement could cause an increase in the likelihood of heart attack or stroke? Brain bleeds? Paralysis? Tremors? What if they admitted that the medication would cause damage to the brain? To internal organs? What if they said it could cause high blood pressure and diabetes? What if they said it could also cause death?

How long do you think that supplement would be on the market? Yet medications and vaccines are advertised hundreds of times a day; advertisements that admit the products are dangerous to take, if not outright deadly.

Every day pharmaceuticals are advertised that admittedly will cause you far more harm, even death!, if you take them. And, even when these toxic concoctions are forced off the market after thousands of deaths and irreparable injuries to the public, NOT ONE CEO, SCIENTIST, CORPORATE OFFICER, NOR ANYONE FROM THE FDA IS EVER PROSECUTED for what is obviously murder with forethought and planning by all involved.

The FDA considers death an acceptable and expected result of medications and vaccines.

The problem Dick Durbin has in pushing his “one agency to rule them all” is that supplements are relatively safe to take. The other problem is, the FDA and others involved have repeatedly stated that supplements are useless and that they do not work. Well, if they don’t work but people choose to take them anyway, and if we don’t have hundreds of thousands of people injured or dead from using them each year like we do with pharmaceuticals and vaccines…what is the problem?

The problem is that 28-30 billion a year the pharmaceutical industry hasn’t been able to lay claim to.

What they Really Want

Remember when we all fought like hell to keep the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010 from passing? Remember when “Dirty Harry” Reid passed this abomination with one unanimous vote as a result of the other 99 Democrat and Republican senators voluntarily vacating the senate chamber so that “Dirty Harry” could gut a recycling bill, put S.510 in as an amendment to that gutted bill, and pass it with his one vote…..without objection. Remember that?

Now, remember when the battle to stop this government takeover of agriculture and food started, Rep. De Lauro, a lady known to be uber cozy with Monsanto put the first bill out that began the attack on independent farming and ranching and our right to choose the foods we eat?

Remember as the battle came to a close, “Dirty Harry” and the other fools in the senate made numerous public speeches, none of which bore any resemblance to anything close to the truth and never mentioned how this bill was intended to decimate independent and family agriculture in the US, would usher in Codex rules and regulations, and would give corporate industrial agriculture a free pass to devastate, destroy, contaminate and generally render our food supply unfit to eat while simultaneously making independent farming and ranching untenable.

It would also force 80% of all agricultural products produced here in the US, into the global market and leave us with sub-standard food, imported from parts unknown and grown, harvested and packaged under questionable practices.

It was never really about food safety

One of the final speeches was given by Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. During his remarks on the senate floor, and in between his phoney bouts of tearfulness, Durbin pondered whether or not maybe what we really needed was one agency to oversee and control the USDA, the FDA and what ever other agency they could throw in there. It was just a random thought, a notion, a sudden idea. Maybe a Homeland Security type agency for food and food production.

Durbin paused after making his suggestion, as if he was pondering the idea for the first time. Except we know Durbin and we knew then as now, that this was the actual plan and would eventually, if not right then, come to pass.

From Alliance for Natural Health :

Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro (D-CT) have introduced a bill, the Safe Food Act of 2015, that would create a new food safety agency. Responsibility for food safety is currently split among several different agencies. This bill would consolidate that responsibility under one agency, and would among other things oversee FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act rules.

We could support this bill if it includes supplements, and there are other changes. But we have to remain very wary about what else Durbin might be trying to accomplish with this bill. If what he does is consistent with his previous legislative efforts, it will have the intended effect of removing supplements from the shelves or making them too expensive for anyone but the rich to buy.” (emphasis mine)

NO!! It does not need to include supplements!

The federal agencies that would be incorporated into one include:
•FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) and Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM)
•The resources and facilities of FDA’s Office of Regulatory Affairs that administer and conduct inspections of food and feed facilities and imports
•The resources and facilities of the Office of the FDA Commissioner that support CFSAN, CVM and inspections
•USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service
•The part of USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service that administers shell egg surveillance services
•The part of USDA’s Research, Education, and Economics mission area related to food and feed safety
•The part of USDA’s Animal and Plant Inspection Health Service related to the management of animals going into the food supply
•The part of the National Marine Fisheries Service of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce that administers the seafood inspection program


It would also serve to regulate supplements and vitamins right out of business, unless of course they could be sold by pharmaceutical companies as “medicine” or a “controlled substance”.

It would also allow this new bureaucracy to give rule-making decisions to these unregulated federal agencies regarding supplements. These new rules (laws) could redefine supplements so that they would come under agency regulations intended for pharmaceutical and/or food.

From Alliance for Natural Health :Who Is the Number One Foe of Supplements on Capitol Hill

“In March 2013, the GAO report requested in 2011 by Sen. Durbin and Rep. Waxman finally came out—and it totally backfired on them both: the report showed that dietary supplements are remarkably safe, and AERs are low.

We mentioned above that if Sen. Durbin and Rep. Waxman were truly concerned about safety, they would have asked that FDA-approved drugs and vaccines be included in the report. Here’s why they didn’t: when you compare the safety record of supplements to those of drugs and vaccines, you can see at a glance where the danger lies.

  • In 2008 alone, there were 26,517 AERs for vaccines,
  • with 3,923 of them considered serious, and
  • a whopping 526,527 AERs for FDA-approved drugs,
  • with 275,421 considered serious.”__________________

It was glaringly apparent who Durbin was stumping for and it sure wasn’t the American public; none of us has enough money to get his attention.

Since vitamins and supplements have been routinely listed in a category separate from pharmaceuticals, or food, this has basically hog-tied the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA and the USDA from regulating them out of business. It has also prevented the pharmaceutical companies from overtaking the industry and making these products available only if they are selling them. Once they control this multi- billion a year market, a strange thing will happen…….these products will suddenly be safe and effective and the FDA will swear to it.

It will be pure pharmaceutical/FDA/We got us another uncontrollable corrupt federal agency” magic!

And your cost for those supposedly worthless vitamins and supplements will soar through the roof as quality is sacrificed for the almighty profit.