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“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religions destroy morals, and our banks destroy the economy” Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize Winning Journalist.


Written On Her Head Mystery Babylon The Great.

Great Britannia the United States of America and just about all of the world’s religions are run on the back of the City which is nothing other than a collection of privately owned banks and corporations only interested in themselves a self preservation society. It has corrupted the whole system from top to bottom, many thousands of innocent men women and children were murdered in cold blood in order to set up the Federal Reserve. It was a Titanic undertaking to accomplish, having to switch the registration plates around, but one way or another, 00 Agents managed to easily pull it off, gold medals for diabolic injustice  should have been given, because without such things, there would not have been enough money. Which is of coarse the filthy root of all evil. To pay for fomenting the onset of world wars 1 and 2.

The massive problem for everyone is that these pathological liars and
deceivers and will never admit to having committed crimes against the
whole of humanity, exactly like their father Satan. The Federal Reserve fractional banking system is not Federal, and has never been a Reserve, they are not rich in reality, they merely print money out of thin air, which is then placed in the bank accounts of members of secret societies and the masonic brotherhood, whom are then bribed to kill Christians and all that oppose having to live in an evil dictatorship masquerading as a democracy.

The Tavistock Institute was responsible for nine eleven, and, seven
seven and it has corrupted the whole medical system using psychopath
physicians to kill patients with neuro immuno and cyto toxic substances, and then write out fraudulent diagnosis and death certificates, in full cooperation with corrupt coroners, and forensic science departments, whom have been told to shut up. This in fact breach of the terrorism act section 15 article 3. In absolute reality the only terrorists to exist are the Rothschild Rockefellers, and thus upon their arrest all wars, will end, and deliver peace on earth.

All elections are rigged to put psychopaths in control of the system whom are then very easily bribed by Satanists into killing because they can not love. This is very easy to prove because all Presidents Prime Ministers etcetera, just happen to be Scottish Rite Freemasons. In order to become one, and rise up from the first degree to the top, oaths have to be taken which are so evil, only a tin man psychopath would take them, and those with a heart would not.

All the Masonic Lodges pass information to The Tavistock Institute
whom seem to prefer Jewish psychopaths such as Harold Shipman and
Jimmy Savile, the Knighted Templar man that was also for a very strange reason indeed given an honorary degree for Jurisprudence by The Tavistock Institute corrupted Leeds City Council Officials, they are in fact so corrupt, that they openly worship the owl of Moloch, the very same pagan god as at Bohemian Grove, the place where extremely evil men gathered together and plotted to carry out the beginnings of nuclear warfare against Christianity.

Therefore it in no surprise whatsoever to find such people choosing to
blame it’s very own citizens, for the bombings in London, rather than
the Tavistock Institute itself, which has for very many years now knowingly riddled the Health Service with psychopath physicians, whom willingly administer neuro, immuno, and cyto toxic substance containing vaccines pharmaceuticals and various dubious medical products in order to render their victims completely defenseless, precisely like a den of vipers, and very many extremely courageous people have attempted to expose these hidden from public awareness behaviors, and have quite often been murdered, even in so called hospitals, or subjected to continuous mind torture.

Psychiatry was created by the Rockefellers, in order to protect their
psychopathic puppets placed throughout the whole Satanized social socialist system from being detected and thus removed, they have chosen to use any means available, including the use of immoral neuro linguistic mind programming techniques, which can turn low level members, of the police and social workers into brainless idiots, unable to see corporate psychopaths killing people, even right in front of their very own bloody faces. Churchill Stalin and Hitler, were in fact trained at The Tavistock Institute to Kill Citizens. They have intent to kill all opposition by deceit. Derren Brown has proved this possible with his video Assassins.

Beyond all shadow of doubt Big Pharma and the whole social services
system has for a great number of years now has been immorally acting
as very safe haven for the planet’s most evil psychopaths, and has
advertised globally and knowingly attracted them by offering great financial rewards and therefore encouraged them to levitate towards
it, for a very devious purpose indeed. Federal Reserve banksters just print money out of thin air. As soon as each punter becomes a fully fledged member of this Franken’steinian Corporate Monster they can commence to act as a Classified Top Secret Agent that is entitled to murder embezzle lie & deceive their victim’s poisoning each one of them and with absolute impunity and quite simply write out a fraudulent diagnosis and death certificate merely claiming it all to be health care.

Puppets of psychopaths are unworthy of casting judgment. Period.