strip bannernew-logo25 James Hufferd, Ph.D.,Coordinator,

911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Who ordered the 9/11 crimes or attack? Who if anyone is in charge and responsible for committing mayhem regularly, mostly behind carefully-constructed cover of anonymity since and including that singular day? There are, obviously to anyone who’s been paying attention, a number of theoretical answers to this obviously most-important question. And we are, I conclude, just beating our collective heads against the wall if we are blaming and unloading our vitriol and our muttered oaths on the wrong suspects.

First, there is the theory of the establishment and regular media, which blames virtually everything on Muslim terror groups and associated foreign bad actors. Emphatically in the case of 9/11 and separately, in that of a growing number of other fairly obviously false-flag incidents at least, this attribution of events has been disproven or rendered unmaintainable by direct evidence over and over.

Many, on the other hand, point to the U.S. government itself, commandeered by Bush and Cheney and more recently by Obama, an entity attuned these days to appear and in many respects to be severely dysfunctional. Yet, in the global arena as well as hereabouts in what they call the “Homeland”, these say, this rogue superpower has been and is supposedly masterful at generating chaos and mounting animosity through by now countless shock events for strategic, military, and profit-generating purposes. Ipso facto, we should blame it on whatever administration happens or happened to be in power.

An ostensibly more sophisticated version of this theory says it was (and is) a national security “deep state” apparatus within the U.S. government, largely run by dual-citizen neocons, perhaps in association with the Israeli Zionist state, British intel, Pakistani intel, and/or Saudi Arabia that deserves the blame. In one sub-version, the Israelis themselves just flat out up and did it and do it themselves – which would make of whatever it is, a Middle Eastern terrorist attack after all. (And it would make it as if your favorite neighbor or friend snuck in one day and set off bombs in your house for their own purposes, and you were to say, “That’s ok, he’s a good guy.” Really? Not likely, unless you two were in cahoots to share a really big insurance settlement or something like that.

So, let us conclude that all the above are, on the face of them, either disproven outright or in no way true to anyone’s life experience, or at very least would require a lot of explanation, caveats, and the like – because, none of them seem particularly plausible.

Then, we come to my theory of who’s running the show, in accord with what I’ve been saying consistently. My theory is that all of the above-named parties, the U.S. and the various layers if its doll-within-doll-within-doll-like operational structure, and Israel, the UK, Middle Eastern terrorist groups, etc., etc. possibly even Russia, are of them all puppets, all acting in concert, though sometimes with enough apparent discord for the show, at the will of someone(s) above pulling the strings. And, in this regard, I’ve begun to notice more and more fingers being directed lately at the immensely rich and powerful world central banks, mutually answering to a structure headquartered for many purposes in Basel, Switzerland, fronting at least as the Bank for International Settlements, emitter-designate and controller of the reported coming global currency.

I’m not saying that the trustees of this ultimate mega-bank of banks, located in an office tower shaped like a boot, exactly ordered and planned 9/11. But an operation that big and disruptive would certainly have to be at least in line with their expressed wishes, as communicated or mandated in one of three ways. It would have to come about as a response to 1) an express directive (unlikely, but possible in concept), 2) announced internally and in clear accordance with their known ground rules and main objectives, or 3) in accord with expressed or known wishes of that unitary executive situated at the invisible, above the clouds apex of the pyramid, beyond the top of the visible flowchart of piecemeal world governance.

The analogy is that this operational control structure is like that of a wind chime with the individual chimes separately suspended from a bar itself attached to a string. Unlike the wind chime, though, where the action is undirected or subject to passing breezes, in this case, all the action is controlled. It happens this way because the implicated controllers are capable of doing it, and because, in their collective mind, they can’t afford to leave things to chance or to fore-go daily opportunities to enhance their imperative of realizing their twin goals: exclusivity and maximization.

So, at least, my thinking goes – that the New World Order is neither imaginary nor a throw-away line. Nor is it any kind of hodge-podge; its command system is very tightly organized, and it leaves virtually nothing to chance. 9/11 is in line with the things it’s been doing with growing audacity and effectiveness for over sixty years. Expect more of the same until its top leadership is exposed, known, and universally repulsed.

JH/ 1/25/15