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This is no different than if bank robbers formed a union and then voted to give themselves immunity from prosecution, based on the idea that without immunity they might be afraid to rob any more banks.


To [grift] is to obtain money or other assets through swindle or fraud. That10468201_687314554677465_9114756285200928886_n brief definition accurately describes what is practiced routinely by members of the BAR Associations across the country. And no where is it more prevalent than it is with regards to the insidious guardianship/conservatorship venues.

More money is stolen from the disabled, children and seniors ,conserved and/or guardianized, than can actually be calculated and much of that theft is going directly into the accounts of lawyers who use the probate and family courts as personal ATM machines.

Hiding behind self-protecting statutes and codes they themselves constructed through various state BAR Associations, and while our state legislators turned a blind eye, the trafficking of the disabled, children and seniors with assets, goes on unabated. All of it facilitated by specially constructed statutes that recognize no wrong doing by attorney’s or judges, much less by the professional vultures euphemistically called “guardians”.

Consider Florida a “no-go” zone!

In Florida, a long running battle with invested attorney’s, professional predator guardians and the individuals and families victimized by them in what has become one of the most sordid tales of systemic corruption to date, members of the Florida Travel Advisory Council addressed their concerns to the Civil Justice Committee Hearing, and specifically to Senator Passidomo. Among these was this statement by Kevin Pizzarillo regarding the drafting of :HB DRAFT 48232/PSC5/SB366. This draft became Florida HB  A bill supposedly designed to close the loopholes in guardianship statutes that currently allow for the abduction, isolation and forced medicating to facilitate the estate looting:

“It is obvious that needs, goals and desires of the Victims and Activists were intentionally omitted. The careful crafting of the revised Bill does NOTHING but DAMAGE the WARD, DAMAGE THE CITIZENS OF Florida as well as ANYONE who is even thinking of moving or retiring in Florida. On the other hand Senator Passidomo, the language was equally well crafted to further SECURE and PROTECT the Florida FOR PROFIT GUARDIANSHIP ENTERPRISE. “

In this instance, Passidomo who had on numerous occasions said that she would work with the advocates and victims to clean up the guardianship cesspool that exists in Florida , instead met with 18 elder law attorney’s. The result was predicatable.

There are some good ones

To be sure, there are ethical lawyers out there who have diligently tried to protect and defend their clients, but doing so in the probate or family court system can result in sanctions or disbarment. Why? Because anyone who tries to stop the wholesale exploitation of children, the disabled or the elderly and money train attached to these trafficked individuals, is immediately consumed in what can only be described as professional cannibalism.

These lawyers see their names and reputations destroyed, their practices wiped out and usually end up losing everything they have worked for to the rapacious financial appetite and the immoral and unethical activity of the local BAR Association.

To make sure no one is held accountable except for the occasional sacrificial lamb that gets his wrist slapped for what many times is actually felonious activity, judicial oversight boards and BAR oversight boards, which amount to nothing more than professional protection rackets, make sure all complaints come to them for review. Of course, almost without exception, they never find any wrong doing.

What happened to the right to work laws here?

The BAR Association exists as a closed union shop and has a death grip on our courts and the legal system as whole. Why anyone should have to go through 8 years of law school, graduate with a degree and then be forced to apply to this outfit for permission to work as an attorney, is beyond me. Why doesn’t the right to work law apply to these law graduates? Why are they forced to join the BAR union in order to work? Why do they have to pay annual dues to this union in order to practice the trade they trained for?

And, just as an aside: I have to wonder why when Scott Walker, governor of Wisconsin was railing about the unions and how terrible they were, he never once mentioned the BAR Association union and how its existence prevented lawyers from working unless they joined that union, received a card and paid them dues?

We can help you avoid guardianship and conservatorship!

Law firms around the country hold so-called seminars on how to set up your estate to make sure everything is handled the way you want in the event of your death or, your possible need to be cared for. The lawyers and firms selling these plans represent themselves as experts in the field of elder law and by extension, the statutes written by the BAR union, constructed in their state.

It means they would also know that in every state the BAR has made sure that the statutes contain a provision allowing the probate [judge] to discard pre-standing legal instruments including wills, trusts, durable powers of attorney, medical surrogacy, casually and with full knowledge that they have just violated the express wishes of the victim.

If the [judge] determines these instruments to be an obstacle (and they always do), he/she discards them and replaces those instructions with whatever the predator guardian and the attorneys want. The discarding of these instruments allows for the wholesale plunder of the estate as the attorney’s, guardians and other stakeholders move in for the financial kill.

In other words, that estate plan those elder law experts sold you isn’t worth the paper it is written on. And they know it! But now there is a database with your name and a list of your assets in it just waiting for the right moment for you to make a mistake, like going to the hospital after a fall for instance, and the world as you have known it is about to change into the most horrendous of nightmares.

Maybe you’re crazy!

It may come as a surprise to you to find out after all these years of successful living that you have been determined to be bi-polar and therefore not able to manage your estate. The label of bi-polar disorder is the favorite fictional diagnosis for declaring you incompetent. There is no evidence the disorder exists. But none is needed in these special courts where evidence is only allowed that will support the claims of the predators.

Any evidence you or your representatives may try to introduce to refute the claims of the predators is not allowed. The judge will not look at it or allow it to be entered into evidence.

According to the presiding [judge], if the individual is supposedly incompetent now, they surely must have been incompetent 3, 5 or even 20 years ago. Turns out these administrative appointee’s, which is really the title of the so-called [judges], are quite psychic and can look into the past with such clarity that they are able to determine what the mental or physical state of the targeted victim must have been back then, even though they do not know the victim at all, much less what their actual mental or physical state is right now.

Not only do they have the psychic power to look into the past, they can also order the review of anything sold, traded or given away by the victim in the preceeding years and demanding that what ever was sold, traded or given away be returned to the estate of the victim……..because the guardian and/or attorney’s want it.

About that Constitution

If you want to see all hell break loose, just mention the US Constitution or the natural rights and liberties it encompasses, in one of these kangaroo administrative courts.

People have found themselves threatened with being jailed for contempt for insisting they have constitutional rights. Others have been jailed for refusing to submit to administrative declarations and demanding their constitutional rights.

We possess court transcripts showing these administrative appointee’s claiming that “the law is what I say it is”. “The Constitution doesn’t matter here”. “You have no rights in this court”. “You mention the Constitution again and I’ll put you in jail!”

As the public disgust over these predatory courts and their cohorts grows, so do the efforts by the BAR Associations to gift themselves and their lackeys, immunity. In other words, they can be unscrupulous, unlawful, treacherous and unqualified to hear anything legal or lawful. They can blatantly violate your rights, the rights of the victim and facilitate the wholesale theft of an estate all the while knowing that the victim is being isolated, forcibly medicated and will eventually succumb to the abuse….and no one can do a thing about it. Supposedly if judges on all levels don’t have this immunity they might be afraid to render certain decisions; it might prohibit them from doing their jobs.

This is no different than if bank robbers formed a union and then voted to give themselves immunity from prosecution, based on the idea that without immunity they might be afraid to rob any more banks.

The US Constitution does not grant immunity to any government official, nor does it allow any government official to give immunity to another from prosecution under the law and especially not from using the power of their position, such as a judge enjoys, to be excluded for being held accountable for harming anyone under color of office. Yet, thanks to the BAR Association and legislators who sat quietly while they did it, immunity from prosecution for their lawbreaking, rights violating and wholesale selling of their respective “benches”, along with the immunity protection given to other grifters in this collection of unregulated predators, are virtually untouchable.