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Candy and Dan are thrilled to announce the return of our “RICO” panel, spearheaded by two women who are truly inspiring and nuclear. They don’t mess around. We welcome back to the show Joanne Dennison, Barbara Stone, Debby, Rosanna Miller, Elliot Bernstein, Kevin Pizzarello, and anyone else who would like to join us! Part I of this series focused on solutions to the atrocities we see routinely in guardianship, the government’s dirty little secret. While we touched on the subject, we are about solutions.
In that respect, Elliott wowed us all with his chutzpah in pursing a RICO action — because nobody else he contacted would stand up and be a man! From the ADA to Older Americans Act, 42 USC 1983 (torts committed under color of State law) to RICO, we began a discussion of a National Class Action in MDL Litigation on the Federal Level. It’s clear that most involved in this travesty of justice (not unlike Nazi German) prefer the Status Quo. We’re here to challenge that. Join us Thursday for Part II. You’ll be happy you did. Phone number to call in is 347-324-3229.