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“While ignoring the millions of deaths of Muslims and Christians in the mid-east as a result of our wars of terror, this faction beats the drums for more wars as a result of Christians being killed by Muslims. None of them can accept the idea that no one should die as a result of these insipid religious ideologies. Not even if we are the ones doing the killing.”


popuWith the overthrow via the recent elections of the Democrats in congress, many are speculating about what exactly is going to happen now that Republicans control both houses. Other than a few corporate give-aways, I doubt there will be much happening that will be of any benefit to ordinary Americans. After all, we are dealing with the same people for the most part, and their agenda has nothing to do with you.


There is no doubt there will be a massive effort to approve the Keystone Pipeline from Canada. This pipeline has been thoroughly rejected by Canadians due to the chronic leaks, spills and massive loads of toxic waste produced from the tar sands operations. Not to worry Canada!The Koch Brothers were dumping all their waste from the tar sands in Chicago along the river.   Now the Keystone people are dumping all their waste in Wisconsin for now, with an eye on Minnesota in the near future. While Republican champions of the Keystone claim the low grade crude will help ease our dependence on foreign oil, all seem to have missed a key feature of the pipeline; all that crude will be piped to our ports in Texas and Oregon and loaded immediately onto tankers headed for parts unknown. The only access we will have to it is what will be available on the global market and for the limited uses this crude can be used for.

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request for route information, the Department of State revealed on June 24, 2013 that

“Neither Cardno ENTRIX nor TransCanada ever submitted GIS information to the Department of State, nor was either corporation required to do so.” It remains unclear how the Department of State has determined environmental impacts for the project without this essential information.

For the privilege of approving the pipeline, the Ogallala aquifer will be put in jeopardy, tens of thousands of acres of private land will be seized under eminent domain and our environment will be subject to contamination. While the hucksters promoting this pending disaster cry about how many jobs the pipeline will provide, none have mentioned that at its end, it will employ only 35-42 permanent workers with no guarantees that those few workers will be Americans.

All this for an oil pipeline that will have no benefit to us.


I am actually shocked at the number of people who actually believe that Republicans will repeal, or somehow end Obamacare. It ain’t gonna happen! Since none of this horrendous bill applies to them (congress) they have no real interest in it. If it even looks like they might end it, the campaign donations from “stakeholders” will increase dramatically to make sure that doesn’t happen. In the District of Criminals where money talks the larger the contributions, the less likely anything will be done. Everything and everyone is for sale in the District and you, the common individual, cannot afford to shop there.

Since the Constitution demands that all laws be applied equally, this would appear to be the easiest way out for us. Congress must either submit themselves to the bill or, scrap it. Of course they have no intentions of doing either.

Republicans are already drooling over the massive flow of revenue from this bill and are making plans on how they will spend it. Besides, they, just like the Democrats are heavily invested in the “stakeholders” in Obamacare and stand to see their financial portfolio’s expand dramatically as billions are siphoned off the public. Now, who really thinks they are going to stop this money train?

Now why do you think any of this will change?

This was in 2011…..what has changed?  What changed in the last three years? What will change now? Nothing.

In 2011 the US government squandered billions, if not trillions on pointless, useless and totally worthless programs.
1.  63.4 Billion for 30,000 drones to spy on US citizens in US air space
Cut the planned purchase of drones meant for use in the US for spying without warrant and without any evidence of a crime:
2.     364 Billion  in reality each year to support illegal immigration on the federal level
3.    1.2 Billion minimally to pay for TSA annually
4.    The purchase and outfitting of roving surveillance x-ray scanners by HSD: And the cost of these 500 police state vans?
500 @ 729,000 each = 364,500,000. That’s on the low side.
500 @ 825,000 each= 412,500,00 million on the high side.
5 employees per van at an average government wage of 45,000 per year =112,500,000
Estimated Savings would be: 388,500,000
5.    3.4 Billion unaccounted for in HSD
6.    3.5 TRILLION unaccounted for at the Pentagon
7.    2.0 Billion per WEEK on illegal wars
8.    1.2 Billion Utah data collection center meant to be used to correlate all the surveillance gathered on legal, law-biding US citizens.
9.   213 billion slated for theft of land from the states and the
10. 1.4 billion spent annually funding the slaughter of our wild horses and burro’s by the corrupt and much despised Bureau of Land Mis-Management.


When 60 thousand children were gathered up and bussed into the US and then dispersed and hidden in various parts of the nation, you would have thought any Republican would have been screaming from the rooftops about the flagrant violation of immigration laws and the lawlessness of Obama. There was some complaining and some cameo appearances on MSM, but nothing that would indicate anyone was truly upset about this. Democrats of course were absolutely nowhere to be found.

No one says a word about the 365 billion that it costs the federal government (you) annually to fund illegal immigration rather than securing our border and enforcing our immigration policies. 

Even with their win this last election, there is no intent to secure the southern border where terrorists could easily enter the country. Even so, the police state and the ongoing surveillance of Americans grows each day. Apparently, Republicans are no different than Democrats in this area; we, the people of America, strike terror in their political hearts. They can harass, intimidate, spy on and target us, but not those poor illegals who somehow got five or ten thousand dollars together to pay a coyote to get them across the border.

There is also that pesky 2003 Waco, Texas, Security & Prosperity Partnership signed by Bush 2, that calls for open borders between Canada, the US and Mexico, for the free movement of people and goods to benefit “business”. Looks like things are right on schedule! And not one Republican will challenge that agreement especially with another of the Bush clan now planning to take over the White House. And especially since they, like their Democratic counterparts, are heavily invested in the exploitation of illegal immigrants.

Republicans, just as the Democrats, see the illegal immigrants as a nothing more than a population to be exploited. How that exploitation will manifest will be interesting.

What else will change?

Nothing. NSA will still be spying on us. More drones will be in the air to spy on us. We will be harassed and terrorized by our militarized law enforcement agencies. We will be biometrically marked, fingerprinted, and photographed relentlessly just moving through our days. We will be recorded, have our snail mail scanned, our bank accounts invaded, our healthcare manipulated, and we can now be tracked via our new scannable license plates. Homeland Security will still be cruising our streets in their special vans secretly scanning us with back scatter x-rays to see what we have on us.

The GPS that is now installed in our cars, along with the black box recorders in all newer vehicles will tell the spies where we are on the road, which direction we are going, what we are talking about, where we are going, where we stopped, how long we stopped, when we came back and how fast we did all that. But they still wont be able to tell you where all the illegal immigrants are in this country. After all, there are only about 20 million or so here, supposedly hiding in the shadows, fearful of coming out and being seen.

I had no idea we had so much shade.

Everything we do on the net, every keystroke, every website we visit, every phone number we dial, every email we send and receive will be logged into our dossiers at NSA, the CIA, the FBI and fusion centers.

Our healthcare is no longer our personal business and not subject to our own determination.

We will continue to give foreign aid to so-called poorer nations, and billions to Israel for reasons unknown. This while we founder in debt that can never be repaid.

The engine that drives what is left of our economy is the war machine and that will no doubt be expanded as the blood & guts faction of the Republican party begins hysterically screaming for attacks against other nations. While ignoring the millions of deaths of Muslims and Christians in the mid-east as a result of our wars of terror, this faction beats the drums for more wars as a result of Christians being killed by Muslims. None of them can accept the idea that no one should die as a result of these insipid religious ideologies. Not even if we are the ones doing the killing.

In the End

No doubt some things will change. But the things that need to change never will be. The issues that plague all of us, that make us angry and leave us wondering who it is we voted into office; those never will. There is too much money at stake and as long as congress can exempt themselves to avoid the consequences of what they do, or enrich themselves as a consequence, we don’t stand a chance.

In the end, it will be business as usual with the occasional temper tantrum over some contrived issue meant to keep us divided against ourselves so we do not interfere with whatever is going on. Millions will continue to cross the southern border unchallenged and somewhere in all of this we will start another war with another country over some false flag episode that will be cranked up in an effort to scare us into decimating them.

MSM will continue to spoon feed us what the government wants us to know, and the way they want us to know it.

In other words, none of the change you thought would happen, will. What should happen, won’t. And what you hoped would never happen, most likely will happen quickly whether you like it or not.