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Any reasonable person knows that frontline police have one of the most difficult and dangerous, if not the most difficult and dangerous job in society. They place their lives on the line every working minute of every working day, never knowing if they’re going home, to the hospital or to the morgue.

Because of a few “bad apples”,  frontline police across America are getting slammed.

Keeping the police in the cross hairs is for the worst of all reasons: politics, money, budgets, greed, ego and cowardice.

Essentially and unfortunately, two mishandled grand jury decisions and spinmeisters for profit have resulted in police now becoming “scapegoats” and “sitting ducks.”

In a Dec. 28, New York Post editorial (“Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred”) David Clarke, the black sheriff of Milwaukee said, “Law-enforcement officials are appalled at the way the Obama administration exploited tragedies in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City to appeal to its political base. … They trashed an entire profession with a broad brush because it was politically expedient for them to do so.”

The Al Sharpton’s, the Rudy Giuliani’s, the various talking head spinners and those newspaper editors who selectively report (or remain silent) on the slanted side without telling about the “who” and the “what” is not the fix that is needed.

Based on my direct knowledge, the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ”) role in perpetuating the racial divide in America is huge and for some strange and unexplainable reason, the DOJ is determined to keep it that way.

“Racial pimps”, hucksters and “talking heads”, are the professional flamethrowers of racial hate and divide in America and make a handsome living at it.

As to the media’s role, it now seems that Rudy Giuliani and Al Sharpton have one thing in common: Keeping the police in the news, almost daily.

Message to Sharpton and Giuliani: It’s not the police. It’s a “few bad apples.”

The collateral effect of this racial divide rolls over to all Americans, but most white Americans, especially the few that see only color, seem to be unaware of this fact.

America is focusing on the wrong issue. There will be no change unless and until people start talking about “what” and “who” causes the racial divide in America.

Until and unless the United States Department of Justice takes proper and appropriate measures to remove “bad apples” from the Justice Department and get serious about wanting to fix the racial divide in America, as Harvard professor and former federal judge Nancy Gertner writes in her Nov.25, Boston Globe op-ed, “There will be more Fergusons.”


The author, Douglas K. Kinan, is a Viet Nam Era veteran, a former DoD EEO Specialist and Black Employment Program Manager, former Human Resources Director, a retired sworn and commissioned officer of the Massachusetts Trial Court, a public service Community Advocate and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Boston State Hospital project representing the six areas of impact, Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain and Roslindale.