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new-logo25By R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences


“It adopted the Prussian socialist model for the training programs. It teaches American children false facts and bad math, which has caused the scores of the once top students of the world to plunge into “worst in the world”.


popuGovernments move billions of people toward preselected goals. How do they perform the task? For two millenniums earthlings have been mentally guided without much awareness of how this is performed. It is time to come out of the Mental Mush Age, and into Cognitive Conscious of the great controlling factor in our lives. It is good to use logic and to think for oneself.

This author holds degrees in sciences, as well as public education certification. Also, a short three year tenure of teaching inside the Catholic parochial school was both amazing, rewarding, and eye-opening about the huge influence that controls the minds of Americans. Combined with research into the legal history of the United States, there is a “voila” moment about how we are controlled, and it is global.

Since 313 A.D., people of the Christian community have endured Emperors, Kings, and tyrants that want to silence the Christian amazing grace. The Roman emperor Constantine had an experience with the other dimension during a battle. It caused him to stop killing Christians; however, he made very clear that his pagan beliefs would not be challenged. Christians were not allowed to worship on the Sabbath, but had to worship on Sun-Day, a pagan celebration. Hence, the tweaking of the Christian community began in earnest as they abandoned the Ten Commandments.

Governments have risen and fallen, but all of them know that the priestly class (i.e., the First Estate) control the hearts of mankind. The government leaders have chosen to use the Offering Plate business as a friendly force that assist them to perform the agendas emanating from inside castle walls. An example today of this behavior is the fee charged by state governments on the Priests, Pastors, and Rabbis who perform marriage ceremonies. If one reads the law, it is clear that fines and jail await those religious leaders who dare to ignore collecting the fee from their unsuspecting young couples, who are forced to sign a Marriage Contract with the State thereby Pledging their children to the State’s control. Note that Buddhists and Muslims are not mentioned in most of the laws.

Our children are brainwashed.

It begins with comments like, “Oh you better watch out, you better not cry, You better not pout, I am telling you why…” The modern day Disney phrase, which should be called the Thumper Complex, states: “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

From the Sunday Schools to the Public Schools these threats against thinking are in lock-step with the government choice of mental condition. The Vatican uses a system of “Belief and Doubt”. If anyone dares to doubt the Pope, they are trained to believe that Hell awaits them; hence, individuals do not allow themselves to think. How easy is that for our leaders? As adults, we are expected to remain inside the cage of cognitive controls taught to us as children. This author has personally witnessed managers inside the nuclear complex who openly insult the workers by calling them “childish” when they raise concerns about pay or safety. They are supposed to obey, and not question.

The cognitive control of Vatican influence is rampant and global.

The Vatican rose out of the Romanized Catholic Church with a pagan blend of Christianity. Most of its priests do not read the Bible, but follow their Master of the Universe, a.k.a. the Pope, who tells the people that good works will get them out of Purgatory.

Good works are translated into paying the offering plate.

The Protestant Reformation rose out of a protest against the Vatican, but it quickly reinstated most of the Catholic rituals, as well as most of the mental conditioning from its Catholic base. The Jesuits were deployed to make certain that the Protestants returned to the mother religion. Today, the Protestant churches are collapsing back into the Catholic base.

The reality is that adults tend to mature into their brains, and it happens sometime in their thirties, give or take a decade. This is obvious when one observes the MKULTRA children like Brittany Spears, who fell out of her programming. We watched on our televisions her transition. We beheld the destruction of a beautiful woman, as she descended into messy cognitive confusion.

Adults think, and that is a growing problem for the New World Order, because its agenda depends on Manchurian control of the adult population. The American public government schools have been busy “training” children of the lower socioeconomic levels for two centuries, with the assumption that the elite programming would work. It adopted the Prussian socialist model for the training programs. It teaches American children false facts and bad math, which has caused the scores of the once top students of the world to plunge into “worst in the world”. Funding in American public schools rose over 200%, while scores on the SAT plunged over 70 percentiles. Yet, the leaders in the local, state, and federal levels proclaim the education system is necessary and more funds are needed. Yeah, right!

Guilt has been the best controlling emotion and it is deployed by all religions and schools. Parents teach the traditions that were used upon them, and thereby, generations are birthed into the Childish Wonder necessary to control the masses. However, that wonder turns into despair when the first paycheck arrives for the young adult, who sees for the first time that there is government plunder. They see a huge chunk of pay disappear into taxes, which they did not vote for, did not know about, and cannot understand where it is going.

Ah, yes….Childish Wonder leads to Adult Plunder. END



R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996
24 years – Virginia Licensed Science Teacher (biology, chemistry, physics)
9.3 years-Nuclear lab and Nuclear Radiological Protection Inspector
1992 – Certificate of Completion for “Teaching Nuclear Topics”
Author: American and Russian Alliance of 1858 (ISBN: 13: 9780595215010)
1998 – GOP Primary candidate for SC State Superintendent of Education
2000 – GOP Primary candidate for SC Governor
2004 – Libertarian candidate for US Senate
Web Archive in the Library of Congress: