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5aafc0a0-aeb0-11e3-93d2-12313b024af0-mediumIn what looks to be a repeat of the 2000-2004 elections, the chicken-hawks are circling like rapacious predators looking for the way in. Lining up on the Rino right is another long line of buffoons, clowns, pretenders, globalists, corporatist’s and other parasites, scrambling to be the Chicken-hawk candidate of choice for the 2016 election. And just whom is the Rino favorite? Why! That would be another of the Bush clan; good ol’ boy, Jeb Bush. Really? That’s the best we can expect from you?

Hard core right-wing Rino’s are attacking others in the Republican party who refuse to back another Bush family member for the presidency, claiming that not voting for Bush would “split the party vote” and ruin any chances that ol’ Jeb could nail the presidency. Its obvious these people are not aware that the elections are rigged and have been since 2000, at least. The candidates are selected by someone other than the “voters”. The winners are selected before the first voting booth opens. Jeb needs to talk to George W. ’bout that. Or maybe “Death Vader” Cheney could fill him in. If all else fails, check with the Supreme Court. That would be the same Republican stacked court that unlawfully interfered in a national election to make sure that the “right” person became president in 2000.

I am waiting for someone from the Rino wing to threaten water-boarding of us voters who refuse to vote for another Bush. It would be far less torturous than enduring four or more years of the neo-con chicken-hawks holding court in D.C. again.

We did learn our lesson over the eight years of the George W Bush presidency and really do not want a repeat of the lawlessness, the anti-constitutional activity, the expansion of the police state, and the proliferation of global corporations that are plundering economies and people around the globe. All of this started in earnest under Bush 2, and has been accelerated under Obama. We already have seen the devastating effects of globalism, warmongering, total surveillance, intimidation of the public, the absolute disregard of human and constitutional rights not only by “our” presidents, but also by congresses. We really have had enough!

The claim that my vote would be “wasted” if I don’t vote the way I am told to, for whom they tell me to vote, I have only this to say: How I vote is none of your damn business! And, as long as I vote for the candidate of my choice, that is not a wasted vote. Whether that fits in the party line or not is of no real importance to me. It is time to let go of the party affiliations and realize that unless you are in the D.C. club, whether you are Republican or Democrat or any other political animal, makes absolutely no difference.

As it stands now, party lines are drawn only out here in the public, they do not exist in D.C.. There, it is all one big party and you, the public, are not part of it. The illusion of party line division is kept alive to keep the public divided against itself . It serves no other purpose.

And for those who believe they are on the extreme right and aligned with the neo-con chicken-hawks, may you be the first to present yourself for military duty when they start more wars of aggression based on fictionalized events, or those that they staged themselves to suck you in.

The days of donkeys and elephants have passed. That circus needs to leave town and take the neo-con chicken-hawks with them. These are all things of the past…….let’s leave them in the past where they belong.