Merry Goodwill Everyone



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Yes astute readers, this is my Christmas post. Conscientious followers will instinctively guess why Christmas was mercilessly struck from the title and replaced by “Goodwill”. I have not suggested any noticeable timetable and it is only via context of “the season” that Christmas would have featured at all. Goodwill should be considered “open ended” and not limited to a day or even a season. It is for all time. That is why the word was selected in place of, the more predictable, Christmas. Nevertheless if this post had been launched in, say, April or June, its potent meaning might have conjured quite different metaphoric imagery. I mean, why talk about Christmas and its festive season before November?

The real Jesus (for the purposes of Christian religious dogma) was born thirty seven years after the birth of Christ. He, presumably, would have celebrated Hanukah. Historically there is…

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Christmas 2014: The Chickenhawks are Circling the Tree


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5aafc0a0-aeb0-11e3-93d2-12313b024af0-mediumIn what looks to be a repeat of the 2000-2004 elections, the chicken-hawks are circling like rapacious predators looking for the way in. Lining up on the Rino right is another long line of buffoons, clowns, pretenders, globalists, corporatist’s and other parasites, scrambling to be the Chicken-hawk candidate of choice for the 2016 election. And just whom is the Rino favorite? Why! That would be another of the Bush clan; good ol’ boy, Jeb Bush. Really? That’s the best we can expect from you? More

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