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An Excerpt From Dr Tim O’Shea’s December 2014 newsletter


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
~ John F. Kennedy

The active part of a vaccine is a disease organism which is grown or rydencarrotcultured on a certain medium. Here are some of the culture media for today’s vaccines, as listed in the 2011 PDR: [20]

lung cells of aborted human fetus human blood
kidneys of African green monkeys
diphtheria cultures
infected human connective tissue
infected animal cells (monkey, pig, calf, canary,
rabbit, chicken, guinea pig)

Why are we not horrified by the above list? Why such a shrill insistence that vaccinations are safe, in the absence of scientific evidence? Maybe it’s our primordial, tribal fascination with superstitions involving parts and extracts and entrails from dead animals. These beliefs harken forth from the dawn of humanity, and are cited in the chronicles of most civilizations. They’re imprinted on the hard disk of our primitive brain.

Medical thinking is that if the patient gets a minor case of the disease under the controlled conditions of vaccination, he will produce his own antibodies to the vaccine, which will confer lifetime immunity by remembering what the bad bug looks like the next time it shows up, and then neutralizing it. [286] (Benjamini)

But there’s a little more to it than that.


First off, there is no general agreement that the vaccine-antibody paradigm is really the whole story of immunity. Researchers like Alan Phillips, founding director of Citizens for Health Care and Freedom, realize that [223] natural immunity is a complex phenomenon involving many organs and systems; it cannot be fully replicated by the artificial stimulation of antibody production.

Dr. Gerald Edelman won the Nobel Prize for his discovery that the immune system doesn’t operate solely on the popular antigen-antibody model. Edelman showed that hundreds of antibodies are already present at birth, having evolved within our species over the centuries. ([152] p 17)

Natural immunity is a much more complex subject than the vaccine salesmen would have us believe. The whole antigen-antibody paradigm was a massive oversimplification. But as always in marketing, there’s the KISS principle. No need to abandon a perfectly good theory just because it isn’t true. Like the Germ Theory of Disease, the antigen-antibody model was a great teaching tool to substantiate the need for a ton of vaccines to be ram-jetted into the bloodstream of mankind, from Pasteur till the end of time.


Natural immunity happens only after recovering from the actual disease. Or at least being exposed to it. For example, on p. 1098 of the Merck Manual we find that for measles, people born before 1956 are considered immune by virtue of prior infection. [239]

With the actual disease, the organism has to pass through many of the body’s natural immune defense systems in the nose, throat, and lungs before it ever gets as far as the bloodstream. It’s likely that the organism slowly triggers many unknown biological events, essential in building true natural immunity, before it ever reaches the bloodstream.

Vaccination by direct injection makes the unproven assumption that the mere artificial stimulation of antibody production by the sudden presence of a foreign agent in the bloodstream is the whole story of immunity. Obviously it isn’t; the need for booster shots proves that. Many studies have shown low antibody counts in vaccinated people. (Gunn, Fraser) [254, 27] ”

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