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Mr. Hayden: Torture was NOT the will of the people. You didn’t do this for us. You did this because absolute power corrupts, absolutely. And you did think you were all-powerful didn’t you?  You do have the advantage here……we all know there isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell you will ever be prosecuted, nor will you ever be institutionalized for what is apparently a deep-seated mental deficiency. Like all sociopaths and psychopaths, you have no regrets or remorse for your crimes against humanity….you just lament the idea that you have been caught, exposed, and now everyone knows just how sick you truly are. And lacking any real reason for why you encouraged the torture, you try to blame the American public. We did not make you do this.


46365_469061176467134_1418529321_nI can not help but notice that as the exposure of the sordid details of the CIA’s inhumane activities becomes known, the more hysterical and petulant Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA, becomes. Last evening, I saw a film clip repeatedly shown with him red-faced, looking like a spoiled child used to always getting his way and never being disciplined, raging that he “thought we were doing the will of the people”. He just didn’t mention which people those might have been.

For those of us who objected to and tried to expose what little had been made public about the torturing of people who were never charged with any crimes and were never given the opportunity to defend themselves if they had been, this statement by Hayden is particularly offensive and self-serving. The public outrage over the abuses at Abu Grhaib prison that surfaced early on in our wars of terror, and the images of the humiliating and degenerate actions of US personnel disgusted most of the public.

CBS NEWS: Pictures taken at Abu Ghraib prison last November, showing U.S. soldiers inflicting pain and humiliation on Iraqi prisoners, were at the center of a classified Army investigation into alleged abuse at the notorious prison.

Now, the pictures are familiar around the world, along with the faces of American soldiers – men and women – laughing, posing, pointing, or giving the camera a thumbs up.”

Of course there was aways that small part of the public who believed that as long as it was being done to someone other than them, it was all OK. This belief usually emanated from hard right-wing religious zealots who bought the 9/11 conspiracy theory put out there by the Bush /Cheney Crime Cartel. But overall, the American public felt disgraced, disgusted and sickened by the idea that those acting on behalf of “we the people”, would stoop to such low and degenerate behavior.

Hayden’s got friends from low places

Following Hayden was the ever menacing Dick Cheney. Cheney asserted that given the choice (opportunity?) he would do it all again. Of course Cheney himself never actually participated; he just enjoyed the titillation that came from the second-hand reports he received and I would assume, videos that accompanied those reports. Ever contemptuous of anyone who isn’t him, Cheney reveled in the knowledge that he had condoned and created the opportunity for the CIA to sink to the lowest common denominator and to conduct these horrendous inhumane activities.

From Firedoglake

In fact, FBI Director Robert Mueller and Vice President Dick Cheney both admit there is no evidence linking bin Laden to 9-11.  On March 29, 2006, on The Tony Snow Show, Vice President Dick Cheney stated: “We’ve never made the case, or argued the case, that somehow Osama Bin Laden was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming.”

Cheney now says that Khalid Sheikh Mohamad was the actual mastermind of 9/11. He referred to him as such and as the architect of 9/11. What?? I thought it was Osama Bin Laden! We spent billions in the hunt for BinLaden and then staged that kill mission where supposedly he was shot and killed and then dumped at sea in traditional Islamic fashion. Only  Islam has no such tradition. Of course we have no such evidence that this actually happened; at least not to Bin Laden. Someone might have been dumped at sea but most likely whomever was dumped out there was likely not BinLaden who was alleged to have died several years ago from lung disease and kidney failure in the American hospital in Dubai.

Oh!! If only we could have captured and tortured BinLaden! (sarc)

What is wrong with this picture?

Now bear in mind that Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, the spiritual founder of Hamas was targeted in March of 2004, with a missile.  Yasin was an old blind man who was wheelchair bound. Pictures of this event were shown worldwide.

And who can forget the images of the 2006 Saddam Hussein execution as the images were paraded around the world as evidence that the former pet dictator of Iraq, hand-picked by Donald Rumsfeld himself to head Iraq after we deposed the Shah, were broadcast for weeks after the events. In 2003 his sons dead bodies were broadcast, at least what supposedly remained of them.

In 2012, Lybian leader Mohamar Ghadaffi was hunted and killed allegedly with the help of the French Secret Service and NATO operatives. Pictures of the hunt and subsequent death were shown around the globe.

My point here is that in this particular instance of the execution of “BinLaden”, there is only a fuzzy video of a man sitting on a cushion watching TV sometime prior to the attack. The man, who is obviously much shorter and heavier, bore little physical resemblance to BinLaden who was extremely tall and slender and also terminally ill and most likely already dead. After the fact, there are no photos, no DNA, no physical evidence to prove unequivocally that in fact, this was Osama Bin Laden. And there surely is a deficit of the obligatory photos that ordinarily would have been made into billboards across the US if this was in fact who died in the 2013 attack.

The FBI never charged BinLaden with 9/11. And, if, as Cheney now claims that MSK was the mastermind behind 9/11, that this made it OK to torture the man hundreds of times, why was the US still supposedly hunting BinLaden?

Turns out Cheney is a Psychic (if not psychotic)

Cheney admits he has not read one page of the CIA report, but he knows its all crap. Cheney along with all the talking potato heads on Faux News, cried that none of the people who did the torturing had been interviewed and that made the report a falsehood. What they didn’t mention was that many of those individuals were under investigation by the Justice Department (how convenient!) and the DOJ would not allow them to be interviewed for at least three years. But you aren’t suppose to know that.

From the article: Why Aren’t the Torturers in Jail?
Hayden is using the Obama DOJ’s own white-washing report to minimize the war crimes in the Senate report. One of the ironies in this, of course, is that Hayden has been criticizing the Senate Report’s failure to interview the CIA torturers themselves, even though the Durham investigation legally precluded that for three years.

Hayden, who becomes angrier by the day over being outed for the horrendous acts committed by CIA and FBI agents under his watch, not to mention military personnel, appears to be just short of having an actual temper tantrum. The fact is, he will never tell us everything they did, or the real reason they did it.

Should we torture him until he does.?


The Life and Death of CIA Asset Saddam Hussein – YouTube