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The efforts to get as many children as possible on prescription drugs is gearing up.  Many parents find them selves in the position of drugging their children knowing the damage it is causing, or, refusing to drug their children and finding themselves targeted by CPS or medical providers under the false allegation of medical neglect.

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Attorney Allison Folmar has been an Attorney for 15 years in the State of Michigan. While in law school Allison received an Award of Excellence in the field of juvenile law.

On the day Maryanne Godboldo’s story broke. Attorney Allison Folmar was in her car listening to the radio. She heard about the police stand off and her first thought was: “This woman is protecting her child from being drugged and they’re gonna take her baby? “Oh, no they’re not!”

The next day Allison took on the case pro bono.

And so began her 10 month battle on behalf of Maryanne Godboldo and her daughter.

She fought and won two legal battles on the fundamental premise that charging a parent with medical neglect for refusing to give their child a deadly drug is not only a complete oxymoron but a violation of the law.

Because of Ms. Folmar’s numerous court battles in the Godboldo case, Michigan changed its law.  Parents will no longer be charged with medical neglect.

Earlier years:

From 1988-1994 Allison was a Corrections Officer for the State of Michigan Department of Corrections and then went on to become a Probations Officer. Allison assisted in restructuring the Federal mandated Interstate Contact Agreement whereby people on probation and parole are handled so as not to fall through the cracks. ____________________________________________________

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