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Obama’s Unlawful Amnesty Actions – It’s All A Smokescreen

Ruthie Hendrycks November 21, 2014

5aafc0a0-aeb0-11e3-93d2-12313b024af0-mediumObama NOW claims that he has the authority to override our immigration laws after repeatedly stating that he could not – not by Executive Order – but with a Presidential Memo (much like my grocery list memo on the fridge). Of course those of us paying attention realize and acknowledge the lawlessness taking place, but for those who so eagerly believe what the bias and selective mainstream media tells them – they are just uninformed of the travesty taking place – by Obama’s own admission.

Of course the Democrat’s are ‘All In’ on the lawlessness making claims such as “Gee, Obama had to … the House just would not suck it up and pass the treasonous Comprehensive Immigration Bill that WE created”. Of course, these very same Democrats are ever so silent on the fact that via Harry Reid – most of the compromising that the GOP did seek – went into a drawer in Reid’s office – never to be seen again. The Democrats only focus on this talking point because….well…. it’s all they have to try and persuade the American Citizenry that their aiding and abetting of this corruption is warranted.

One must wonder what other laws Obama feels he, his pen, phone and memo pad can simply ignore and I wonder…. if in 2016 a Republican is elected President, if the Dem’s will be so supportive of such ‘I Am King’ lawlessness?

And then we have the GOP making all kinds of claims that they will fight this tooth and nail – but again, those of us paying attention – have come to realize, that many within the GOP are as much of a sell out on the ‘Rule of Law’ as the Democrat’s – many wanting something… anything to transpire on the illegal invasion at hand – to try and move forward – either pandering as well or avoiding illegal immigration like the plague, leaving those of us who understand the phrase ‘We Are A Nation Of Laws’ and who can see the destruction Obama’s action will bring … to rely on a few Representatives to lead the fight.

Which leads me to ask, why those leading the way or the GOP itself, do not ask simple questions of this Administration for clarification – clarification that will show the ‘Public As A Whole’ the complete BS they are being sold.

For example:
–What of the 6-15 million additional illegal aliens in the United States – you know…. those that Emperor Obama did not address? What about them? Are the deportation buses warming up?

–Obama says that border security will be improved…. What .. better than this previous summer when 66,000 children illegally were able to just walk across our sovereign southern border…. better than that….God Help Us!!! So just what is border security to Obama anyways?

–There are all kinds of stipulations attached within this new memo with no explanation of how these stipulations will be addressed and enforced – seeing the government entities responsible for the due diligence aren’t up to the task at hand now….. are we to assume that more Obamanites will need to be hired at taxpayer expense? Why are we being forced to fund this lawlessness?

–Of course the enforcement game – just another unbelievable claim by this Administration – a claim he hopes many will believe. Is it any wonder that he is being mocked – seeing he is not enforcing the law now – but wants us to believe he will going forward? Just what …. has changed to make us believe he will enforce anything in the future?

–Criminals (Obama says) will not get a pass and will be deported. Really, then I am assuming that ever criminal illegal alien in our penal system will IMMEDIATELY be deported after serving their prison term…. no if’s, and’s or but’s right? Those families that will be torn apart (that we hear so much about) will just have to deal with it right? Funny thing about this ridiculous claim is this current newsworthy tidbit that Obama, the bias Media nor Congress seem to be sharing ex: the current lawsuit by claiming Obama is doing just the opposite. And, he is not releasing just the average spit on the rule of entry illegal alien but the convicted felons in the country illegally as well. What say you Obama, DHS and the DOJ? Of course Sheriffs across the Nation are speaking out  – but have you heard anything about it? Maybe those fighting this treasonous travesty should contact them.

–No benefits…. Oh please!!! – Just one example of many … for those of you living in a State that does NOT have an Obamacare State Exchange… meaning – freebie healthcare would then need to come from the fed’s – are we suppose to believe that these illegal aliens will pay for their own expensive healthcare (thanks Obama) working at a job an American could have? Already illegal aliens are in the streets demanding healthcare services that are supplied at taxpayer expense. Here is just one example:  And, seeing that they are most likely working at cheap rates – (the proverbial cheap labor) that they will not need any additional assistance – such an insult to common sense!

Just a few examples (there are so many more) of the utter nonsense that is being directed to the American People in attempt to rationalize the unlawful actions Obama is attempting to push – actions that must be STOPPED in its tracks.

Have your voice heard Patriots – demand from your Representative that this lawlessness be stopped.

With 18 plus million under or unemployed Americans, with Veterans lacking proper medical care and many American families and veterans living in the streets – not to mention of the victims and their families of this out of control lawlessness – ask your Representative just when it was that illegal alien foreigners became so much more important than the American Citizen or the Legal Resident, more important than the Rule of Law, more important that our Constitution – and then demand they stop this lawlessness. Demand that our laws be enforced before they are replaced with anarchy._______________________

Ms. Hendrycks is the President of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform and the Host of the weekly radio program addressing illegal immigration – The Ruthie Report. She can be reached at