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www_Sticker_Tk_kiss_my_assThe Senate is preparing to vote on the Keystone Pipeline.  Mary Landreiu led the Democrats as she shilled for the pipeline.  The trade off of course is, that the Democrats will ok the pipeline and  Republicans will be caving in on immigration…..which of course will supply a really cheap labor force that can be exploited.  Its a win! Win!


Count the little blue wedges on this map. God knows we don’t have enough pipelines already, do we? No? Take a look at this pdf map and get a grip on this. While our land, water and resources are consumed by yet another corporation, we are also led to believe that we have old, aging refineries and that there have been no new refineries built nor have any been continually updated. My, we are in bad shape aren’t we?

On the above map, there are approximately 70 refineries across the US, all attached to various pipelines. The pipelines are represented by red lines that spider web across the country. And we need another one?

Put it in your back yard

I am listening to Mary Landreiu (D) Louisiana shilling for the Keystone Pipeline. Most likely, the Democrats are going to jump ship on this one and pass this horrendous bill. As they do, thousands of acres of privately owned land will be confiscated, the Ogallala Aquifer will be jeopardized along with numerous streams, rivers and watersheds in its path, and the jobs she is promising will disappear as quickly as they appeared.

And, if the Keystone pipline will create the posperity she claims, why is the entire country sliding off into poverty as the gas & oil industry expands its territory and its business?

Also to disappear will be potable drinking water as one gallon of crude produced from this filthy tar sands operation requires 3 gallons of water to process. The waste water is un-reclaimable. Where will that be deposited?

Private land will be seized and taken for the pipeline. Small towns will be wiped out and families displaced along with them. But who cares? After all, we have a corporation here looking to make a buck and if you have to be ruined in order for them to do that…….so be it.

Those jobs are temporary

As Landreiu speaks of the creation of jobs, economic growth and the benefits of the oil produced for the US she apparently lacks the ability to comprehend that this oil belongs to a Canadian corporation and it is not intended for the US supply unless it is purchased back via the global markets.

Unfortunately, Miss Landreiu seems not to be aware that the oil that comes out of Canada that will be piped across the US, first from north to south, then east to west, and is not intended for the American market. The crude will be piped to its eventual end point: the loading docks outside of Houston, Texas for exportation to foreign refineries. Any crude that does remain here will be refined and shipped out as part of the 117 million gallons per day that leaves the US for global markets. In Oregon, at the end of the East/west leg, it will be loaded onto tankers and we can all wave goodbye!

According to various reports, the export of fuel in 2011 from U.S. refiners topped the markets at 117 million gallons per day of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and other petroleum products, up from 40 million gallons per day a decade earlier.  For the first time in our history gas and oil EXPORTS were the top of the export list although they have been in the top ten exports for years

Landreiu also claims that supposedly the rail lines are inadequate to move oil from the massive pipelines that already traverse the country, on to the east or west coasts where supposedly there is a shortage. Well, of course there is….NOT! And we have already established rail lines to every possible corner of the US, so not building another unnecessary pipeline is saving money.

While Landeiu crowed about the jobs created in the North Dakota as a result of the pipeline which apparently is being built without government approval, she never mentioned what will happen once the pipeline in that state is completed. Once done, those jobs are done too. When the jobs leave, so will the workers. And so will the economic growth she repeatedly talks about.

Keystone: First do no harm??

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request for route information, the Department of State revealed on June 24, 2013 that “Neither Cardno ENTRIX nor TransCanada ever submitted GIS information to the Department of State, nor was either corporation required to do so.” It remains unclear how the Department of State has determined environmental impacts for the project without this essential information.”
Leaking pipes, oil train explosions, underground leaks are just a few of the problems associated with this unnecessary pipeline. The really frightening part of this horrendous plan is that this pipeline will cross the Ogallala aquifer which provides water to eight states.

Critics say that a major leak could ruin drinking water and devastate the mid-western U.S. economy.

Keystone XL would plough across the north-eastern tip of the Ogallala aquifer as it traversed Nebraska. The Ogallala is one of the largest sources of fresh groundwater on Earth, spanning eight states and providing drinking water for two million people.

Put the pipeline in Louisiana!

Left in the wake of this miserable corporate effort will be land that is devastated, water that is unfit to drink, and absolute mountains of toxic waste that must be disposed of. But where? I know! Let’s dump it in Wisconsin!! Maybe in Minnesota! And now we will have this huge ugly pipeline criss-crossing the country to remind us of how we were sold out to another oil corporation.

Landreiu needs to close her trap, move on to something worth while and leave tar sands oil pipelines up in Canada where they come from. Of course, Canada doesn’t want the pipeline up there either. If they did, it would be far cheaper and far more efficient to pipe it to their west coast and ship it out from there. But then they would be stuck with what to do with the toxic waste it produces and it might contaminate their water supplies. Better to use our water and dump the trash on our lawns.