Join Debbie this evening, November 11th, 2014 at 7:00 pm CST!


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Hosted By Debbie Dahmer (crybaby)

Guest will be Roger Williams-Animal Rights Advocate-  
Actor Roger Roger aka Roger Williams, has worked in the theatrical field as an actor, production stage-manager/stage-hand and prop personnel, set painter, assistance director, promotional personnel etc.

In 2010, Roger joined the US Army where he suffered a broken ankle in infantry training at Ft. Benning. Later that year he got an honorable discharge from the Military. In Feb of 2011. Roger started to work on the manuscript for his first noval- “Turn Back Blow” a fiction about animal cruelty.   Turn Back Blow a Book on Animal Cruelty on Facebook- 2,410 Likes

A novel about animal cruelty, friendship and humanity. The story is set in Jamaica.

Shereita Grizzle, Gleaner Writer

Turn Back Blow by Roger Williams, which focuses on the issue of cruelty towards animals, has been breaking ground internationally, with several Ivy League universities adding the book to their catalogues. However, Williams said getting similar attention in Jamaica has been an ongoing struggle.


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