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“These concepts and ideas are fundamental to the essence of the United States of America. The voters said we want these fundamentals restored; we do not wish to be fundamentally transformed to a totalitarian Marxist state as Obama and the Marxist/Progressives promised and are doing. Did the Republican Party hear?


We were told by Obama that even though he was not on the ballot, his policies were. Yes, they were and the message of the election was loud and clear; America does not like the Marxist policies of the Obama regime. Even though the message was clear, the question is did the leaders of the Republican Party hear and understand the message. We already know Obama did not hear, did not understand, or chose to ignore the message.

What really was the message? It was very simple. The American voter said now that we see how this fundamental transformation that was promised looks, we do not like it. The American voter said we prefer the type of government and society our founders established. They established three basic principles that are excellent for a prosperous, free, and great country and we want these reestablished.

The three basic concepts the founders instituted had never been tried before the founders said we think this type of government and country will allow individual citizens to flourish and prosper and by being individuals they will establish a great and powerful nation. How correct the founders were. Unfortunately, others came along and said what the founders had established needed to be fundamentally transformed. They said what the founders did created a selfish and greedy people who refused to conform to the concept of subjugation to a government and community, as opposed to being a unique and non-conforming individual; the very essence of American greatness.
The three concepts that have been so criticized, ridiculed, and used as scapegoats for anything the Marxist/Progressive have found objectionable are the primary principles of:

Rule of law as opposed to arbitrary law

Limited government as opposed to large centralized and controlling government

The governed being the ruler and the governors being the servant

It is these principles the voters said needed to be restored.

If the Republicans truly heard this message, we will see real and immediate actions to reestablish these sound principles. In the case of rule of law versus arbitrary law we will see the congress insist on that the arbitrary changes the Obama regime has made in Obamacare, immigration, tax law, EPA regulations, IRS regulations, and all other arbitrary law be rescinded immediately. For instance, with the EPA and the IRS, the congress will establish that a citizen does not carry the burden of proof but the burden of proof be placed on the government as the constitution requires. The congress will insist that the border be protected and all the arbitrary immigration dictates cease and be rescinded as current law dictates. Congress will require that all laws passed and all future laws apply to all citizens regardless of position. All elected officials and government employees must adhere to and live under the same law as citizens; there will be no exceptions including health care. This will certainly be a start to reestablish rule of law as opposed to arbitrary law.

The concept of limited government was crucial to the founders and crucial to the growth of our country. The constitution enumerates the powers of the central government and the tenth amendment reinforces that it is those powers and only those powers the central government has. Immediately we know the federal government was never given the power to be involved in any way the health care of the citizens. If government was to be involved it would be only the state government.

Obamacare should immediately be abolished as should the Department of Health and Human Resources, which is unconstitutional. The federal government was never given the authority to be involved in agriculture; to tell individual farmers what they could plant or raise or how much. In a free enterprise system this would be determined by the market place. The Department of Agriculture is unconstitutional and should be abolished. Any government involvement in agriculture would be in the province of the state.

The federal government was never given the power to be involved in the education of the citizen. The founders were strong advocates of education and we saw this belief in education continue on through our history. The United States had for years been recognized as having the finest educational system in the world. This educations system was under the province of the states and the people as the founders intended. It was not until the federal government became involved in education and the advent of teacher unions became prevalent that our education system started on its downward trek. The new congress, if they heard the voters, would abolish the bloated and unconstitutional Department of Education and restore all facets of education to the states and the people. The states should then follow the leadership of Scott Walker in Wisconsin and make membership in a union and payment of dues to such union an individual choice by the individual teacher.

The congress should also require a new concept of budgeting where budgets of all agencies must be submitted and substantiated. We would no longer have automatic increases in budgets. Congress should also immediately follow the same path Scott Walker took in Wisconsin and make any membership in a union for a federal employee to be an individual decision along with payment of dues. The individual member would submit his dues to the union directly and there would be no government assistance in the collection of dues. These would be a sound start to a limited government and we the voters would receive the message that we were heard.

The third principle that must be restored is that the people are the rulers and the government is the servant. This was a primary reason the Revolutionary War was fought. The idea that the government could control the daily activities of the citizen was reprehensible to the likes of Sam Adams, Nathan Hale, Paul Revere, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, James Madison, Patrick Henry, and we can go on and on. They were willing to risk fortune and life for individual liberty and self-determination. A great and free society requires this concept; a Marxist totalitarian society must abolish this concept because it cannot exist under it.

What this idea of a government ruled by the people means is that the government be open and transparent. The bureaucracy must fully and totally disclose to those who control it, much like the documents of an employee are the property of the employer, so the documents of the government bureaucracy are the property of the people. When the representatives of the people ask for those records they wish to review, those records must be surrendered immediately and entirely. When the servants in the government are asked questions, they are expected to and should be required to give complete and honest answers. If they do not, congress must insist these people be treated as the liars and traitors they are. Yes, they are traitors. A traitor is a person who betrays a person, a cause, or a trust. This bureaucrat who misled or deceived his sovereign would have betrayed his sovereign, the cause of rule by the people, and the trust of the people and is therefore a traitor.

These concepts and ideas are fundamental to the essence of the United States of America. The voters said we want these fundamentals restored; we do not wish to be fundamentally transformed to a totalitarian Marxist state as Obama and the Marxist/Progressives promised and are doing. Did the Republican Party hear? It is our duty as Freedom Loving Americans to constantly remind them and hold them accountable to the voting public lest they forget..

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