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Mid-term elections: America loses again

We just swapped one bunch of crooks, liars and thieves for the other bunch of crooks, liars and thieves. The country just went “red” more from embarrassment than anything else. You should be embarrassed and turning beet red from being duped yet again. 2/3 of us didn’t even bother to show up to vote. What’s the point?

fascismamerica01About last night…..

I scoured the usual lineup of cable news shows to see what the response was there to the mid-terms. At one point on MSNBC where Rachael Maddow was predictably finding humor in the elections, I wondered out loud what was wrong with this woman? According to Maddow, the elections weren’t really as bad as they seemed on the surface and we should just laugh them off. They really didn’t mean anything or at least not what we thought they did. This wasn’t really a political shellacking, it was just a rub & buff…nothing more. HaHaHa….Isn’t this funny? No, it isn’t.

The remainder of the scripted reality shows we call news on MSNBC also pandered to the “its not what you think” line. Yes it was what we think. More than that, its what we know. We just traded one old man for another old man; both of them nested up for years inside the beltway and so detached from the public that neither of them try to hide their disgust for “We the People”. We just opened the door to another neo-con assault on the nation. Pardon me for not laughing.

Faux news was ready to implode as one hack after another jubilantly reported the shellacking of America via the elections and what is nothing less than the return of the neo-cons. Already they are talking about “deregulation”.

You remember deregulation don’t you?

Deregulation, as per the Bush/Cheney Crime Syndicate, helped the banking industry and Wall Street to run numerous accounting and marketing scams that resulted in mortgage fraud, loss of retirement savings, and a near total collapse of the economy. By all means, lets do that again. We didn’t get beat up and mugged bad enough the last time around.

Circling like political vultures are the usual line up of neo-con hacks and talking heads. I woke this morning to pictures of the foul mouthed, sewer brained (M)Ann Coulter being paraded across the TV screen asking that people send her (him?) their addresses so she (he?) could find them and drown them.

That this embodiment of Limpbaugh’s “femi-nazi’s” is dragged out once again to insult the public with her vitriol, her obtuse thinking and her chronic foul mouth rambling on, is really more than we can stand. Apparently, Miss Coulter had her adams apple shaved down so as not to distract from her tirades as has happened so frequently in the past.

A perusal of the remaining cable news shows was like a trip through never, never land and left one wondering if these people actually thought this was news, or it really was just the newest in scripted reality TV shows.

And now, a few words from your president:

Obama would have been more believable, and decidedly more honest if he had simply come out and said: I am not your president, I never was. I am the CEO of the corporate United States, a corporation operating under fraud and posing as your elected government. I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what happens to you and I care less what happens to the country as a whole. Don’t take it personally…its just business as usual.

Instead, Mr. Obama indicated that he will use the unconstitutional executive orders to pass amnesty among other things. That is one of the advantages of being a lame duck president (CEO). You don’t have to worry about re-election or the consequences of your actions. You are on your way out anyway.

The context of Obama’s statements was that he can do as he likes, pass laws as he deems necessary and that congress is really of no importance. He may be right about that. But keep this mind:

The elected PRESIDENT of the Republic of the United States has no such power to make laws, to issue proclamations that establish laws of his own devising, or to alter existing laws. The President is excluded from this per the constitution. However: The sitting CEO of a corporation can do this as he sees fit.

Now what do you think? Do you think we elect presidents? Or do we elect corporate officers?

Think about this: When Bush 2 was in office he continually used executive orders and a little discussed instrument referred to as a “signing statement”. These statements were used to direct his cabinet members and agencies to NOT abide by new laws, even though congress passed them and he signed them. Effectively, these illegal and unconstitutional statements along with executive orders were used to by pass congress and the laws of the United States, to the detriment of the American people.

Would this be lawful in a Republic?  Or is it simply legal in the context of a corporation?

Meanwhile, the Republicans sat silent as did the Democrats. This time around, the Democrats kept their silence as did the Republicans. For either faction to object would be to admit that they have known all along that we had long ago been overthrown in a corporate takeover.

The American public won nothing in this election. Those of us who voted actually voted for our preferred method of destruction. Now we have to deal with the consequences.