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Remember when the country first elected Obama? Remember the collective sigh of relief as he spoke of returning the country to its former glory? Remember when we all thought he was going to end the neo-con overthrow of our government and country?

And remember when we all realized he had simply picked up where the Bush/Cheney Crime Syndicate left off and added some new twists of his own?

Remember how sick at your stomach you felt when you realized that Obama was Bush on steroids?

That’s kind of the same feeling too many of us out here have today. This wasn’t a mandate for Republicans although they are trying to sell it as if it was. It was a rejection of the corruption, the anti-American mind-set in the District of Criminals. And we had only two choices.


34192_1thThere are few out here in the general public, regardless of supposed party affiliation, expressing any sense of celebration or excitement over last night’s election returns. We simply swapped one faction of the one-party system for the other. Most agree that nothing is going change other than the way the pre-planned agenda will be implemented.

Absent from any debates, if you could call the public displays put on by candidates on both sides a debate of any kind, was any discussion of the illegal and unwarranted spying by NSA and multiple other spy agencies operating without oversight.

No one mentioned or even discussed casually, the militarization of law enforcement against the public at large. Not one candidate mentioned the military tanks, the grenade launchers, assault rifles, SWAT gear, and other military weapons that local law enforcement is now arming themselves with for use on the very communities that employ them. Equipment that was paid for with taxpayer money or borrowed in the name of the People and produced so excessively that there was enough equipment to sell to other countries, to arm our own military and to arm local law enforcement against us.

Illegal immigration was spoken of in general terms and yet not one candidate made any real effort to discuss the securing of the southern border and the deportation of the millions who have illegally entered the country. And even those in the Tea Party never mentioned the Security & Prosperity Partnership signed by Bush 2 in Waco, Texas in 2003 that was the catalyst for a massive migration of millions of people into the US., much less how to end the influx of illegal immigrants across the border.
Of course, as long as those same corporations that funded the candidates can continue to make windfall profits while exploiting illegal workers, no one dares say anything. After all, that would mean you don’t believe in free markets and capitalism. (sarc)

The Keystone Pipeline was talked about briefly. It comes as no surprise that there are still people out here who think we desperately need the oil that this horrendous plan produces. Seems no one stopped to think where those legs of the pipelines were going to end up. After several holding and processing plants are accessed, the line ends up in Houston Texas where the refined oil products will be loaded onto tankers and shipped right out of here. A second leg of the line is proposed to end up in Portland, Oregon, again to be loaded and shipped out.

And never mind that this pipeline puts in jeopardy the water supply to seven states and the 2 million people who depend on it for water. The pipeline is planned to traverse the northern edge of the Ogallala aquifer.  It takes three barrels of water to extract each single barrel of oil. – See more at:

I guess this is all ok if it isn’t your water supply put in danger.

Jobs, jobs, who has the jobs? My how they all crowed about jobs. These are the same people who sat back and watched corporations close businesses here in the US only to move to poor countries so they didn’t have to pay a decent wage. Nothing will change in that area. After all, most of these same people who allowed this will continue to invest in these same companies.

While there are far too many issues to go into here, we know the faces leading the charge against us will change, but not much else will. While we are finally ridding ourselves, at least in part, of the ubiquitous “Dirty Harry” Reid, it is only to replace him with his counter part, “Mad” Mitch McConnell. And the war against the American public will rage on.

What we can expect:

The FDA will be allowed to continue to fast track deadly medications and vaccines, and will never be held accountable for its harm to the public.

The CDC will continue to hide the the real data on MMR vaccines and autism, and even though congress is fully aware of the falsified data showing the vaccines to be safe when they have been thoroughly exposed as dangerous, will continue.

The BLM will continue to arm itself as a para-military agency and will continue to attack and assault private land owners. When not attacking private land owners, they are busy killing off our wild horses and burros, and planning the downing of the Yellowstone bison herds.

The EPA will continue to attempt to take control of all water from any source whatsoever, and will violate property and water rights, at will. This while they allow mining and fracking corporations a free pass on water and air quality regulations.

The NSA will continue to spy on us illegally and to add our names to black lists for expressing our disgust with the District of Criminals.

The TSA will continue to assault and molest those foolish enough to buy a plane ticket who think they have a right to travel freely without being accosted by government thugs.

The USDA will continue to establish the National Animal Identification System in order to seize ownership of all food producing livestock in the country. At the same time they will continue to allow the devastation of land and water and potential food supplies by promoting genetically modified crops and the accompanying applications of deadly herbicides and pesticides. The contaminated products shipped in from China do not concern them in the least.

The FDA and USDA will continue to harass and attempt to intimidate independent and family farmers and ranchers as a means of forcing them out of business as a favor to the Big Ag corporations.

The Pentagon will continue to provide military weapons and funding to Israel so that the genocide of the Palestinians can continue.

While our veterans languish for lack of care and while hundreds of thousands of them live on the streets because supposedly the VA lacks the funds to take care of them, foreign aid in the billions will be doled like candy to countries we most likely will end up attacking for some trumped up reason.

The IRS will still be used to harrass and threaten the public, while corporations are allowed to bankrupt the system, collapse the economy and steal as much loot as possible before going home to their palatial estates for dinner. Many of those now in office will be dining with them.

Not one Republican, Democrat, Independent or Tea Party’er will stand up against any of this. To do so would elicit a severe smack-down and of course any dirt the NSA, FBI, CIA or other alphabet soup agency had collected on them will be leaked to the public to destroy them.

This really was an election centered on the lesser of two evils and we, the public are about to take another beating.