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Opinion with Suggested Solutions

So the results are in and the Republican Party swept the evening …leaving one to ask if is this a positive triumph on the issue of illegal immigration or have we just elected an additional group to hold accountable to the American Citizenry? Some are predicting doom on the amnesty horizon where others are claiming an ‘no amnesty’ victory. Which is it – we will find out … it will be either that our Representatives will once again be a Pro American conference rather than an pandering illegal alien advocate.

Last night was a reflection on the Obama Administration’s agenda and whether the pundits agree or not…. illegal immigration is a part of the agenda. An Exit Poll from Fox News showed that the top three issues were the Economy, Obamacare and in third place… Illegal Immigration. It should be obvious then to all, that the Obama agenda is NOT the agenda of We The People. It is also important to note that the threats made by those who support another lawless amnesty – did not sway the outcome – their demands do not outweigh the anti amnesty sentiment and stance felt by the majority of Americans.

Allow me to share with you the new majorities of the House and Senate and the returning establishment……. that those of us that are on the front lines of this invasion – speaking loudly and clearly – no matter what you wish to call us now…. Tea Party, Fringe, Conservatives, Far Right, Patriot etc. …. We are engaged and “What We Giveth – We Can Taketh Away”! No matter how the Nov 4th elections are spun – the GOP could not have succeeded without our support… support that may or may not be present in the upcoming 2016 election – depending on their actions and legislation with regards to illegal immigration –

YES!…. The issue of illegal immigration which plays into so many other issues …. is that important.

The Obama threats of unilateral amnesty must be completely eliminated.

There are aspects within illegal immigration and talking points that the newly (and old) elected Representatives can move forward with in a bi-partisan way that nips Obama’s open borders/lawless amnesty agenda – in the bud.

Border Security would be one. The GOP should …MUST put forth legislation that is in line with their never-ending and constant message of SECURING THE BORDER. I suggest that the GOP address border security first and foremost…and then allow Obama and those who support his pro illegal agenda… the opportunity to veto security of our homeland. If the GOP majority stops any executive action on the Obama radar and instead demand that we have REAL border security – security that can be proven and is documented to be implemented and successful by Border Patrol and Sheriffs alike etc., they will not only keep to their pandering campaign promises but start to address illegal immigration properly. It is time the insults to our intelligence that the border is now secure …ends. And of course – not knowing who is entering the Country is a MAJOR National Security issue – a threat to our Homeland – something we see play out everyday with reports of returning illegal aliens – many criminals previously deported. The very fact that 66,000 plus children – which is an invasion – just walked across our borders and knowingly turned themselves in for a ride to the closest facility or prospective family member (many also here illegally) should be sending LOUD alarms off everywhere with regards to terrorism and the threats from aboard.

There are other avenues this newly elected group can also address – actions that fall in line with the top issues by voters….. issues that are all intertwined. One being the economy – putting Americans NOT illegal aliens back to work. Already the issue of the Keystone Pipeline – is suggested where the GOP Majority should begin – it is estimated that it will provide 20,000 individuals with a job – Question: will this new majority ensure that these jobs go to Americans or illegal aliens – will the new majority enforce our laws … laws that state …. it is illegal to hire someone not authorized to work in the U.S.? Of course, this means (again) that the Obama Agenda must be scrapped.

Healthcare – it is obvious to all that the majority do not like Obamacare – so let me ask you – who will be paying for the healthcare of all those illegally in the Country – and those in transit to spit on our rule of law? We The American Taxpayer or the illegal alien themselves – with funds obtained from employment that an American should have? I highly doubt that there are many in the GOP Establishment that will allow medical treatment for illegal aliens to go restricted – the media would have them dying in the streets…something the GOP just wants to avoid – much like the whole issue of illegal immigration itself.

There are so many issues that SHOULD BE ADDRESSED to stop illegal entry in to the United States. There are so many actions that could be implemented to address illegal aliens in the Country, actions that return this Great Nation back to a Nation of Laws, where the American Citizenry trumps and legislation addresses those illegally present – actions that would result in many returning to turn their own homeland to change their homeland there instead of making and demanding lawlessness here.

  • There are so many issues that ARE NEVER ADDRESSED like:
  • those playing by the rules trying to grab their piece of the American Dream legally
  • – a sensible legal immigration policy NOT an illegal alien pass,
  • Americans under and unemployed,
  • our American homeless,
  • our Veterans and Military,
  • our culture,
  • language and flag,
  • our American PRIDE,
  • our safety,
  • security and sovereignty and,
  • the Rule of Law – just to mention a few.

Let’s hope, demand and actively engage the new GOP majority on the issue of illegal immigration and the actions that they must take… Pro American actions-not illegal alien rewards. We must DEMAND that THEY DO NOT in haste …(to rid themselves of such a contentious issue), allow Obama through legislation or by executive order to decree amnesty as law of the land.

Remind them that many of us were engaged Tuesday night and we voted for a secure border, end to illegal immigration and enforcement of our current immigration laws.