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“Was it Snowden for revealing the insidious activity of this NSA? Or were the traitors actually those who ordered the spying? Maybe it was those who sat at their desks and did the actual spying, or those who wrote the programming that facilitated the spying. I contend that it was not Snowden who betrayed us; it was the NSA and its 55,000 employee’s (conservative estimate) who made the decision that our constitutional rights mattered not….after all, they work for the government!”


Here we go again. If we can just get the Democrats (Republicans) out of office and putthFLBPYT2F the Republicans (Democrats) in, everything will be better. I have to wonder just how many times we will buy this same old song and dance before we admit that regardless of whom we vote for, regardless of which party they originate from, the flight plan doesn’t change.

So, what is it we expect to be different?

Nothing is going to change to benefit the country or the legal citizens. Regardless of which party controls the House and Senate, no matter who sits in the oval office, we will continue to be taken apart systematically. The party line division exists only out here in no-man’s land. In the District of Criminals, its one big party and you weren’t invited!

Here are three issues that will never be addressed honestly by either side of the one party system in D.C..

What they will never fix
NSA Spying

The failure of our elected representatives and senators to halt the unwarranted and illegal surveillance of every one of us, even if by only withholding funding to this anti-American, unconstitutional agency should have been a wake up call for all of us. While congress fidgets and makes excuses, the illegal spying on American’s, rolls on.

In an effort to expose the corruption and illegal activity at NSA, Edward Snowden blew the whistle on just how pervasive the spying activities were. MSM did its part in attempting to paint Edward Snowden as a traitor for exposing just how corrupt and dangerous this agency was and is.

What the NSA is doing is nothing less than a cyber-attack against the people of the United States.

So who were the actual traitors?

Was it Snowden for revealing the insidious activity of this NSA? Or were the traitors actually those who ordered the spying? Maybe it was those who sat at their desks and did the actual spying, or those who wrote the programming that facilitated the spying. I contend that it was not Snowden who betrayed us; it was the NSA and its 55,000 employee’s (conservative estimate) who made the decision that our constitutional rights mattered not….after all, they work for the government!

Still, congress in general said nothing that amounted to anything about the spying until they found out they had been spied on too. Even that small amount of whining and crying fell on deaf ears.

Illegal Immigration

The idea that we are supposedly so vulnerable to terrorist attacks that we must be molested in our airports if we try to board a plane, or, we can be stopped in illegal and unconstitutional roadside checkpoints where we are required to identify ourselves and explain why we are on that road, is just ridiculous. Then, we have all of our communications monitored so that we can be put on various black lists by the NSA, CIA, FBI, and numerous other spy agencies.

BUT! 30 + million people have crossed the southern border of the US with the number ballooning each and every day who disappear into our country only to show up in our states expecting to be housed, educated and fed and to access what for them is free medical care. Most of these have no ID but are still able to get social benefits, or who work illegally for slave labor wages.

So…How real is the threat of terrorism?

Maybe the bigger question is “Who are the real terrorists?” Is it some unidentifiable idiot on the other side of the world? Or, is it a government that is allowing and encouraging the wholesale exploitation of our states and communities by people who are here illegally? And who in their right mind that actually believes we are under some kind of threat continually, refuses to secure a border that is the gateway for anyone (including foreign terrorists) who decides to come here?

The fact is this: Regardless of which “party” controls congress and/or the White House, those 30 + million illegal residents will be given some form of amnesty and keys to country.

This is the replacement population for you unruly American’s who refuse to cooperate and who expect the government to protect you and your interests. You are a hindrance to global government and corporate profits as a result. You must go!


One of the greatest assaults on the people of the United States, has to be Obamacare. After carefully exempting themselves from this horrendous plan, congress and the president happily signed this piece of crap into law. Of course, its only going to affect you! It’s only going to cost YOU money…and lot’s of it!

I had predicted a month before SCOTUS rendered its opinion that, that opinion would say Obamacare was constitutional. While the title of the bill “The Affordable Care Act” indicated that it was about healthcare, SCOTUS rendered a decision based on taxation.

The bill wasn’t about taxation. Even Nancy Pelosi said there were taxes that wouldn’t be treated as taxes in the bill. 115 of them to be exact.

So if you are not treating taxes as taxes, they must be something. What are they? The point is, if a tax isn’t a tax, how could SCOTUS conclude that the bill was constitutional using the taxation clause of the constitution?

If the intent of the bill was actually healthcare, how could this court conclude it was about taxes?  Did they not actually read the bill?

Pelosi’s first claim that it was constitutional under the commerce clause fell apart rather quickly so SCOTUS had no choice. One way or the other this attack on the American public was going to stand. And, even with all the Republican pandering about ending Obamacare, not one meaningful lawsuit was brought by any Republican in an effort to end it.

One of the greatest deceptions perpetrated under Obamacare were the statements that now, even those with pre-existing conditions can get insurance. These people already could get insurance in most cases. Most refused to purchase policies that excluded every possible aspect of the condition yet cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. Piled on that were exorbitant co-pays for medicines, doctors, medical facilities and anything else that could be attributed to the condition and then deducted from liablility under these policies.

The truth is, even those with pre-exisiting conditions will now be forced to buy insurance whether they can afford it or not, and regardless of the fact that little if any coverage will be provided. The limitations on the policies still stand, as do the costly co-pays. Not only will care be extremely limited, but no one saw fit to cap the amount insurance companies could extort from the public in general, much less for those with pre-existing conditions. With insurance rates now routinely topping 1000 a month, the majority of us cannot afford these shrinking policies.

By the way, SCOTUS is controlled by Republicans.

If you want to intentionally drive yourself to insanity, just try reading and deciphering a supreme court opinion. The Obamacare ruling is a prime example of the unreadable nonsense, the convoluted logic and rambling discourses routinely put out by this “court”. Even Judge Roberts who issued the ruling could not explain what he himself had written or the supposed legal logic behind it.

Even today, with hundreds of thousands of private insurance policies canceled, with insurance rates tripling and quadrupling while benefits shrink, there are still those who think this plan is a good idea. Republicans have continued to harp about how they will end Obamacare, but it isn’t going to happen. Democrats still continue to claim it is a great plan, when we all know it is the overt attempt by government to ration healthcare and to control what is available while extracting the greatest amount of money possible from the public.

And while this unreadable, undecipherable piece of legislative vomit passed both houses with Democrats and Republicans both voting for it, many of those same elected officials traded stocks and investments in the very companies and businesses that stood to reap windfall profits from its passage.

In the End:

These are just three of the issues facing us. Not one of them will be resolved in a way that will benefit the country regardless of whom we vote for. Changing the color from blue to the red, or red to blue, will only change the way in which the pre-arranged plan is implemented.

Vote all you want: the flight plan doesn’t change!

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