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I recall a great testimony one day which came from a person who played on a pro team. I think it was basketball. But the important message here is that keythe testimony was about a person that had passed away but who was well known among sports enthusiasts. Besides being a team player, he had a very rare quality. Instead of building himself up as a mega-talented player and giving his ego wings, he  constantly praised others and was always building up other people.

This is truly an amazing quality.

On another note one of my best friends who passed away a few years ago also falls into this same category. He was a very good golfer and he had quite a few trophy’s to show for it, however, he was constantly building up other people that he had been acquainted with
during his lifetime. He was also a very good guitar player and he would share his music by going around to the rest homes in the city  where he lived. His story is interesting. I met him at Chico State University, CA. one day and from that day forth we were friends forever.

He graduated with a B.A. but he never used it. His life took a turn and he became a choker setter and a logger in the woods in a little town in the Trinity Mountains called Happy Camp. Yes, I would say he ended up being a very, very happy camper! After some years he relocated to Portland, Oregon and married the first string concert  violinist of the San Francisco Symphony and settled down. He was a postman until he retired shortly before passing away.

What did he leave us?

What was his legacy? He left us with a most remarkable blueprint to live by as he was a person who’s character was filled with love, joy, laughter, jokes, and much more. I don’t
remember that he ever had a bad word to say about anybody. What was his secret? He was other-directed, he had social skills and he valued other people in all walks of life.
And so I will leave you with this today. When we leave this world, those that we are close to will remember us for something. It will not be how rich were, nor will it be what we achieved in our lifetime.

It will be our character which will surely be remembered.

Reflecting on all of this, there was a day when I looked outside my window and I saw a message of hope which traveled across a partly clouded sky and it was riding on a marvelous ray of sunlight declaring that the people were near to finding the truth and having fulfillment.

And how would this happen? The answer was clear.

It would be found with a heart change.“Light of the world, shine on me love is the answer.” Yes, this is the very key that unlocks the door. America, this one’s for you.