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the-hidden-enemy-dvd-enCCHR’s documentary:  The Hidden Enemy…Inside Psychiatry’s Covert Agenda

The Military: Psychiatry’s testing ground.

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Jim Dolan is the Executive Director of the Laurus Foundation, an organization to advance the lives of individuals with disabilities and he is the co-founder of The Healer Warrior Initiative. The Healer Warrior Initiative, is a self-healthcare training program teaching Veterans to take better care of themselves, their families, and their fellow Veterans using non-invasive therapies to reduce physical, emotional and mental pain in order to reduce the high number of veteran suicides.
Jim also serves on the board of scientific and professional advisers for The Institute for Traumatic Stress. He is also the co-chair of the Illinois Joining Forces Behavioral Health Working Group’s Complimentary and Alternative Medicine subcommittee.


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Coming October 27th:  The Drugging of our Military with Stan White