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Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be Roland Vincent:  Writer, public speaker, political strategist, and founder of the Animal Rights Leadership Council. He is an Animal Rights Activist, an Environmentalist, and a revolutionary Leftist. He is a trained lawyer, and a former investment banker and stockbroker. Roland directed campaigns for two sitting US presidents and two presidential aspirants.

He has extensive experience in legislative and initiative campaigns in California, and directed the Proposition 13 effort for Howard Jarvis. Roland served on President Jimmy Carter’s staff and was a Commissioner in Tom Bradley’s administration in Los Angeles. In 1984 he lost a landmark free speech case before the United States Supreme Court, Vincent vs City of Los Angeles, after which he set up the Committee for the Court, a political organization dedicated to electing a liberal president who will appoint liberal justices to the Supreme Court. Roland has been an animal advocate and rescuer for over 50 years. He has consulted to many national animal protection organizations and has trained and mentored political and animal activists for years. In 2005 he directed the boycott of the Fox film Flicka, which was the most successful grassroots boycott of a major studio production in history. He has published over 750 articles and essays on Animal Rights, Animal Liberation, Animal Protection, Veganism, Politics, Conservatism, Liberalism, Atheism, Revolution, Socialism, History and Philosophy. Roland publishes Armory of the Revolution ( and is special editor of the Greanville Post, the world’s largest socialist/animal liberation site (