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Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


I urge you to go to the web site and read the last few articles I’ve posted, mostly from other sources which document what I was thinking far better than I could. Those postings will provide needed context for this article.


A number of intriguing (and horrific) questions and theorized or partial answers have occurred to me over the past several weeks, which I will try to explore here.

For starters, what really provokes (or possesses) human beings to commit or endorse heinous acts of revolting violence and cruelty in the course of their purposeful lives?

What. For instance, would motivate the drivers of modern Zionism to endorse or commit genocide by strong military force endlessly for months against an already psychologically and physically abused, essentially unarmed population in Gaza over a desperately deployed arsenal of rockets akin to fireworks rockets?

What provokes a small percentage of extremist Islamic radicals to flaunt to the world and exult in apparent beheadings and mass-murders perpetrated hourly against any who dare to think differently?

And what provokes members of the world’s unified power-cult psychopathic cabal to blow to dust thousands of people, on 9/11/01, impossibly blaming fanciful foreign boogeymen, and then obliterate hundreds of thousands senselessly together with their targeted countries?

First of all, in each case, it’s their literally hell-bent insistence on their way or the highway to oblivion. And they’ve become badly jaded long since by imposing and forcing that super-imperative. Secondarily, it’s the nose-blindness and unbelievable credulity of their brainwashed publics to tolerate their own delusion in the guise of objectives desired, shield the perps from all recriminations and repercussions, and in effect cheer them on as their own champions. (For instance, the CIA is actually super-popular). I’m reminded of what the heartbroken little boy said when the Blacksox scandal broke early in the 20th century – “Say it isn’t so.” Ingrained dependent belief is rarely shaken by evidence.

And yet, “Fool me twice (or a hundred times), shame on me.”

In the Israeli case, I believe that no further explanation of the motivation is needed. They can claim fear of those puny, toy-looking rockets that kill fewer Jews than fireworks on Israeli Independence Day, but I don’t buy it.

In the case of ISIS, as I stated previously, the evidence points once again toward it’s being another creation of the CIA and western intelligence. So, does that mean the violent extremists aren’t real? Hardly. But if employing your means of recruitment, you rake them all up in a convenient pile and fund them, you have created the malignant entity.

So, are their paychecks signed “Uncle Sam”? Don’t be silly. They are berzerkers (little different from some serious nut groups we have in this country if you’d fund them), probably under your loose control via planted agents, and you funnel the money through an agency (or state) with an Arabic name.

It isn’t like the CIA, or whoever, created the monsters who are involved over there. No, they were already there, probably all of them members of previous organizations. So, you select the leaders for tractability and put the recruits in different-colored shirts, and you have a brand new ball team – made up of 100% used parts from other organizations, and still not super-human or more mean than they were before. How else could it possibly be? The Great Satan of the west that our hijacked polity has become has long practice at doing just that (check out Operation Gladio, pre-al-Qaeda), whenever they want to spread terror vicariously.

And, funny – these sponsors are also the same people who brought you 9/11. And “whatever big happens in the world, it’s a pretty safe bet that we did it” -GHWB. If you read, spread the word!