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Historically, for nearly 400 years the American family which began with native Americans and European roots became an integral foundational part of the country that we now know.  Though many trials were encountered along the way the traditional family weathered the storms of life and not only built a country that became like no other, the people held on to cultural and moral values that were enshrined in one Judeo-Christian nation, under God, which also included holy matrimony between a man and a woman. But where are we today?

Here is a not so golden snapshot.

Since 2005, the majority of U.S. households have not been headed by married couples. The number of non-married-couple households continues to grow (ACS 2005-2007). There are more than 51 million households headed by unmarried Americans, representing roughly 44% of all households and the majority of households in 23 states, plus the District of Columbia (CPS, 2007).

Yet, how did this all come to be?  Was it just the free love movement which was birthed in the mid 60’s or was it handing out welfare checks and food stamps to millions of unwed mothers?

Presently, and for quite a few years, there has been a purposeful and engineered assault upon the traditional American family because it represented core values that now conflict with unalienable rights vs. equal rights, sexual orientation, free choice but also extended families that wish to live in separate housing on larger family owned parcels vs. a small lot.

But land use requirements by counties in various states have used strict policies whereby the nuclear family and its extended members are prevented from living on the same piece of land where more than two inhabited dwellings are allowed.

Besides this fact, basic property rights have been destroyed but not for the sake of open space or the protection of the environment which government entities now claim, but it is actually meant to weaken the traditional family unit to where present and future housing is less affordable and the people who normally could exist in a lesser regulated land use area are singled out and forced into the major cities where they are stacked and packed in apartments or condos.

Call it Agenda 21 if you will.

The American family is also under attack in other ways. After World War II there were certain influential persons behind the scenes who were interested in making it harder to support a family with one bread winner, namely, the man. Does this sound far fetched?

In an Alex Jones interview with filmmaker Aaron Russo, Aaron shares inside information about Nicholas Rockefeller who claims that he was instrumental in the breakdown of the traditional American family. Aaron further explains how the New World Order elite created the women’s liberation movement to break up the family and tax working women.

Russo also breaks down the deception of democracy which is nothing more than mob rule guaranteed to produce tyranny, thereby ushering in more control and finally the police state.  Isn’t it any wonder that Aaron was actively recruited by Nicholas to join the corrupt Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) but he refused.

Included in this mix was also a carefully engineered plan to cause inflation to the point where cars and housing would be less affordable, thereby causing the mothers of their families to also go out and work. Thus, daycare centers for children were finally born. Consequently, after 5 years of age, teachers who were becoming more and more the instruments of the state, were now filling our children’s minds with corrupted information that would even turn children against their own parents whereby parents could be turned in for child abuse.

But, children began lying and used false stories about abuse so as to use the information as leverage against their own parent or stepparent.

Some of these children would end up in Foster Care homes, or then again, these children would end up with their real mother but  their dad would never be able to see their own children again unless special circumstances were created for a weekend visit.

Thus, family rights had been effectively destroyed by those government agencies which in turn were protected by the courts while the nanny state reigned and took full control of the children.

So where do we go from here?

In conclusion, a majority of the American people need to reevaluate their lives and turn to God and follow His will, for their country and their lives are dependent upon it. The hour is getting very late and I am afraid that it is already one minute to midnight. So we must all work now while there is still light, for the darkness may come when no one can work.