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New York Animal Rights Alliance America Facebook

Animal Rights Activism: Protest/Demonstration & Legal Political Action

No Kill New York, Inc., 501c3. We are New York Animal Rights Alliance America!! Join us! RALLY 500, NYC, 9/20/14, CITY HALL, NYC 845 856 7366845 856 7366 (KR)

1) Massive Protest and Demonstration Against the Kill Pound System and other entities who commit crimes against companion animals.
2) Legal Action Against the Kill Pound System and Government Entities who commit crimes against companion animals.
3) Political Advocacy for stronger laws and stiffer penalties for animal abuse.

Our organization will have the same stamina to withstand the political environment that infests this movement to get the job done of (1) MASSIVE FREE AND LOW COST SPAY NEUTER for the State of NY, (2) Continued shelter investigation with legal action against acts of animal cruelty, negligence and incompetence of a municipal entity, (3) Education and awareness of ADOPT DONT SHOP in the school system, (4) Video drama series starring kids for social media for awareness of not only dog and cat abuse but animal rights, (5) Protest and rallies for public demonstrations, (6) and Political Advocacy at the city and state levels throughout NY State.

We are soliciting TESTIMONY from individuals who could write an affidavit as to their eyewitness accounts of abuse at animal kill pounds/shelters, boarding facilities, “pet” stores, puppy/kitten mills, law enforcement matters, and backyard breeders and anywhere there is abuse. Call today to submit your affidavit to initiate legal action. 845 856 7366845 856 7366.  No Kill New Website  5013c…. President- Kate Raviello…Dog & Cats Adoptions