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Transamerica Pyramid 1What is it with the massive influx of illegal immigrants into the United States? There are no jobs. Shall we just open up our borders and our universities to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, and for what reason? One purpose is that the agenda has been engineered politically in order to win more elections, and statistics show that illegals tend to vote more for a party that offers them free stuff, such as cellphones, food stamps, welfare, affordable college, etc. It’s happening!

But UC Davis Professor, Darrell Y. Hamamoto has a few more pieces to add to the story. He claims that the immigrant plan is meant to create a new underclass of people who can be reeducated in order to create a dumb-downed subservient underclass, which will in the end, be used as tools of the state to destroy the middle class along with national sovereignty, thereby propelling America into a highly
controlled society where individual rights will essentially evaporate and a power hungry billionaire elite will eventually rule from the top down. It is called the New World Order. If this is accomplished, it will be the end of America, the republic, and a government for and by the people.

Professor Hamamoto is quoted as saying that UC Davis, “is gearing up for what they call the “Hispanization” of the University of California, which means an in-state or full-ride tuition to both illegals and the offspring of illegal immigrants.” Later he shares that Chinese immigrants from mainland China will also be included in this mix.

This new class, by design, is meant to be brought into the bureaucratic and legalistic fold as a way to exercise further control of the people while favoring strict governmental compliance along with regulations that are extraordinarily burdensome and render basic and traditional liberties and freedoms, null and void.

Included in the plan, Professor Hamamoto emphatically shares the truth on public radio, that the American university system, as a whole, is responsible for recreating and engineering a weakened society of fractured families and destroying the very fabric of its cultural norms, stripping away the very identity and foundation of the people to where they are unstable and dependent upon pseudo-intellectualism, academic fraud, the mainstream news, and also a sense of security ushered in by the nanny state.

Professor Hamamoto’s act of bravery has uncovered a clandestine operation of a magnitude that is astonishing. He has rightfully exposed those sinister elements and interests who are responsible for the major political transformation of America that has long been charted even before President Obama took office. He brings forth the truth of a highly politicized agenda that is now part of the California University system, an unworthy master plan where players behind the scenes are only interested in a system that lacks checks and balances while constitutional restraints which protects the rights of the people are tossed aside.

Now, we the people must also go forth with the same courage and save the country.