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new-logo25By Gary G. Kohls, MD

kohlsMillions of clear-headed people all over the world have paid close attention to the evidence that disproves the Big Lie, and thus they have seen through the propaganda that launched and then quagmired and bankrupted the US into two illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are naturally wondering what is going on, and why have they been black-listed?”


Why do Good People Become Silent About the Documentable Facts That Disprove the Official White House Conspiracy Theory About 9/11? – Part ONE


It is my firm belief that 9/11 skeptics—and true skeptics of any paradigm-shifting and taboo subject—who publicly expose lies and naked emperors are heroes who have come out of waiting, for we have suffered the ridicule and wrath of those emperors, their minions, and the just plain frightened.

“To survive as babies and young children, we automatically look to our parents (thought-leaders, TV anchormen, politicians, military generals and other parent figures) for confirmation of safety or danger (whether manufactured or otherwise).

“Thus, the need for a leader, an authority, appears to be genetically hardwired. If we have been reared in an authoritarian family and school system, then this tendency to rely on authority figures for confirmation of reality is likely reinforced. Conversely, if we are (gently) reared in a family, school system, and cultural context that rewards critical thinking and respects our feelings and needs, then the tendency to rely on authority figures would likely be weakened.

“In our American society, many of our officials routinely lie to and abuse us, but nonetheless, many citizens continue to look to them for truth and safety—especially when fear is heightened. This strong tendency to believe and obey authority is another obstacle with which skeptics of the official 9/11 account must contend.

“By unquestioningly believing and obeying authority, we develop and perpetuate faulty identities and faulty beliefs, and to top it off, we make very bad decisions, which often negatively affect others. This can be equally true for the four human proclivities studied by social psychologists: doublethink, cognitive dissonance, conformity, and groupthink.” – Psychologist Frances Shure, M. A., L. P. C. Excerpted from Part 3 of her 9 part series on “Why Do Good People Remain Silent – or Worse – about 9/11?

Over the past 13 years since 9/11/01, the title question has plagued the tens of thousands of organized and committed groups of truth-seeking scientists, physicists, architects, engineers, pilots, ex-intelligence agents, firefighters, demolition experts, psychologists, medical professionals, etc, who have absolute proof that the official story about what happened on that date was a “Big Lie”, too easily perpetrated on a fearful public that was anxious about their future and was all too willing to suspend their freedom and their critical thinking skills and to throw their trust onto authority figures that would tell them what had happened and what to do next. Unfortunately, those authority figures had a long history of being serial liars; and they had hidden ulterior motives.

Millions of clear-headed people all over the world have paid close attention to the evidence that disproves the Big Lie, and thus they have seen through the propaganda that launched and then quagmired and bankrupted the US into two illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are naturally wondering what is going on, and why have they been black-listed?

Hundreds of millions of aware citizens around the world have witnessed the consequences of the destabilization of the oil-rich Mideast that was targeted because of the Big Lie, and they have seen the descent into perpetual war all over the planet.

Billions have seen the suffering, despair and slaughter of innocent Muslim women, children and old men that have been driven from their homes by US soldiers and their high-tech lethal weaponry. Observers with open eyes and hearts have seen the rape, plunder, pillage, deaths and decapitation (by un-filmed drone strikes and mortar attacks, it needs to be mentioned) of families, tribes, cultures, societies, religious sects and infrastructure, predictably provoking violent reprisals, including beheadings, from justifiably angry, right-wing extremists bent on revenge and retaliation against American “christian” invaders and occupiers who drew “first blood” during the Crusades..

Qui Bono (Who Benefited)?

Many observers know the names of the military, economic, corporate and political entities that have benefited so much from the post-9/11 wars, wars that lavishly enriched them all – at the expense of us taxpayers and the doomed, deceived and dying boots on the ground that did the dirty work for them.

Many of us know the names of the war profiteering oil cartels, weapons manufacturers, gun runners, the rent-a-mercenary-soldier corporations and all the other multinational and American corporations that enjoyed huge stock market gains and profitability – not just from the wars but also from the rumors of war – again at the expense of the soldiers and those of us in the lower 99 %.

The American Empire, the Pentagon, Full Spectrum Domination, “The New Pearl Harbor” and “Corporate Personhood”

A few observers also saw the connections between the right-wing pro-corporate think tanks of the past few decades that include this short list of recognizable ones: Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, American Conservative Union, Americans for Tax Reform, American Legislative Exchange Council, American Family Association, Christian Coalition of America, Club for Growth, Eagle Forum, Family Research Council, National Taxpayers Union, among about 800 others. These think tanks seem to be peopled largely by draft-dodging Chicken-hawk insiders from the Cheney/Bush administration – that are consistently pushing for American military and economic hegemony abroad. They call it “full spectrum domination”, which seems to be the operating principle that every Pentagon subsidiary endorses and which is pushed by every talking head mercenary general on CNN and Fox TV that has undeclared financial ties to the weapons industry.

Many of the Cheney-Bush insiders that gained tremendous political power after the 2000 stolen election were members or had close connections to the nefarious Project for the New American Century – PNAC – that published in its manifesto “Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force” (exactly one year prior to 9/11/01) the following indicting sentence: “the process of transformation (i.e., achieving full spectrum planetary dominance by the US military), even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event––like a new Pearl Harbor”. It doesn’t take a genius to decide what group should be at the top of the list when the international war crimes tribunal starts to subpoena people.

Interested in knowing who are the folks from PNAC? Immediately below, Pilots for 911 Truth has provided us with a list of the operatives that deserve to have their day in court to clear their names .They will have some pretty tough explaining to do. Check out for much more.Here is the short list:

Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Scooter Libby, Richard Armitage, Richard Perle, Dov Zakheim, Gary Bauer, William Kristol, William Bennett, Norman Podhoretz, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, James Woolsey, Robert Bork’s daughter Ellen, Charles Krauthammer, Jeb Bush, Steve Forbes, Rudy Boschwitz and Vin Weber. No progressives were members of this NeoConservative think tank. (You can see the rest of the list of Republican members at:

Fair-minded readers will agree that it is extremely important that Americans keep in mind during the upcoming elections that the members of PNAC are still aiming to achieve full spectrum domination in the Senate and the White House, in addition to maintaining the dominance that they already have in the House of Representatives and the Supreme Court. Most of PNAC’s blind supporters happen to be climate change deniers, have no concern for polluting corporations and are therefore quite willing to risk the survival of the planet – thus ignoring the potential suffering of the all of earth’s creatures who they think will be left behind after the “Rapture”).

It doesn’t look good for democracy if punitive, compassion-less politicians and their cunning psychopathic paymaster corporations are to gain total power in what is shaping up to be a rolling, right-wing, fascist coup d’etat. (Recall that corporations have been newly deemed by the Supreme Court to be “persons” [albeit with vicious, untreatable and incurable sociopathic/criminal traits]).

9/11 Truth-seekers and Many Eye-Witnesses are Willing and Eager to Testify Before an International Criminal Court

Many of the members of the 911 Truth-seeking groups listed in paragraph one above are articulate, highly intelligent, scientifically astute, very professional, are not seeking to enrich themselves and are very concerned about the future of America. They want a truly independent commission with subpoena power to get to the bottom about what really happened on 9/11/01.

A multitude of experts are ready to be subpoenaed and to testify about the science of controlled demolition, nanothermite, the impossibility of fires or plane impacts to bring down steel-reinforced skyscrapers and the impossibility of amateur Cessna pilots flying commercial jets, much less guiding them into buildings at high-speed.

Hundreds of eye-witnesses are ready to testify about the multiple explosions that they heard both prior to the plane’s impact into the two twin towers and also prior to the free fall collapse of each of the three skyscrapers, 1, 2 and 7.

Thousands of professional architects and engineers for 911 Truth are willing to testify about the robust construction of the over-engineered WTC towers that were pulverized into fine dust, each of which had been designed to withstand jet airliner impacts and office fires. These professionals are ready to testify about the impossibility of the absurd “pancake theory” and the fact that the ONLY WAY to bring down steel-reinforced skyscrapers is by controlled demolition by a highly trained team of demolition experts.

Professionals with various areas of expertise are ready to testify to the impossibility of a 100,000 pound aluminum commercial jet that had a 124 foot wing-span and 44 foot high tail section disappearing into the Pentagon through a 16 foot diameter hole in its outer wall, leaving no debris. They are especially eager to question the total disappearance of the two virtually indestructible titanium engines that left no holes and broke no windows in the Pentagon outer ring. And they will question why the 80+ video cameras all around the Pentagon were confiscated immediately by the FBI and still have not been released to the public. The obvious conclusion: no 757 hit the Pentagon; a military missile likely did the damage.

Experienced pilots and on-the-ground eyewitnesses are ready to testify about the impossibility of a commercial jet disappearing into a 15 foot wide smoking slit at Shanksville, PA, with no plane parts, no debris, no luggage, no body parts, and no frantic search and rescue at the site, proving that no crash had occurred there, contrary to what was portrayed in the fictitious Hollywood movie, Flight 93. The Shanksville site now has a national monument that is obviously designed to perpetuate the Big Lie

Scientists and communication experts are ready to testify to the fact that the cell phone calls from flight 93 were hoaxes, only partly because it was impossible to have made calls from a 2001 cell phone from a jet traveling at 30,000 feet at 500 mph.

Patriotic, albeit dissident truth-tellers – typically unfairly painted as being unpatriotic – have been marginalized as “conspiracy theorists” by truth-obscurers in order to discredit and demean them and their unwelcome message.

Being ”Good Germans” Means Believing in the Validity of “My Country, Right or Wrong” Patriotism

The ethically invalid belief in “my country, right or wrong” patriotism – a common American trait – was also fervently believed by most patriotic “Good Germans” during Hitler’s 12 year-long “Thousand-year Reich”. Not wanting to come face-to-face with unpleasant truths about the criminality of police state fascism, most Good German Christians, contrary to what Jesus would have wanted them to do, i.e., resist tyranny by nonviolent means. Unfortunately, most Good Germans preferred to maintain their silence (and ignorance) about what the Nazis were doing in their name.

Most Good Germans did not want to know about the atrocities that their soldier sons were committing in the invaded and occupied territories during WWII, and they felt threatened by the whistle-blowers who were asking questions. Thus most Germans stayed in denial about the Jewish Holocaust and the death camps, despite the cattle car caravans that always came back empty of their human cargo and the over-powering stench of burning flesh that was so prominent in the smoke that was coming out of the camp stacks.

Those who questioned Hitler’s white supremacist henchmen about the “theories” of mass exterminations of “useless eaters” such as Jews, Slavs, homosexuals, foreigners, starving and physically depleted slaves and assorted other minorities might have been labeled as conspiracy theorists if the Gestapo had ever thought of such a cunning concept.

Part two of this essay will appear in next week’s Duluth Reader, beginning with a section titled “The CIA’s Invention of the “Conspiracy Theorist” Smear Campaign to Discredit Dissenters.”


The entire 4,000 word column is being published in a variety of websites world-wide and it should be archived soon at

Addendum: Over the past few years, I have provided to readers many internet links to some of the sources that reveal the truth about the 9/11 conspiracy and cover-up, any of which effectively debunk the official conspiracy theories that have so successfully brain-washed the average US citizen. Some of this video evidence that proves that 911 was an inside job is widely available on the internet. Start your exploration and edification by going to YouTube and typing in “9/11 Truth” and then following the many links. Some of the best videos are currently being screened on PACT-TV here in the Duluth area, including the newest documentary film “Anatomy of a Great Deception” as well as “The New American Century” and “Plunder”. If you are in the Duluth, MN area, check out PACT-TV’s cable channels 189, 188 or 180 for show times.
Dr Kohls writes regularly about a variety of issues that includes corporatism, militarism, economic oppression, racism and fascism. He is a member of Medical Professionals for 911 Truth.