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Christine Porter from CLEAR THE BENCH ARIZONA joins the show at 7:30 pm CST to talk about the formation of this group and its mission.

Toward the end that the Arizona judiciary remains impartial, apolitical, and able to dispense justice, we are organized to hold all judges, courts, commissioners, court officers and personnel accountable to the People and Constitutions of Arizona and the United States. 

Clear the Bench Arizona is located in Phoenix and works with many people who have been victims of the court system, Arizona State Bar and attorneys and is seeking to clear up and clean up the system from politics and profiting off of the people it is supposed to protect.


Educate Arizona voters on the importance of judges observing principles of the “rule of law” in deciding cases;

Educate Arizona voters on their right to non-retain judges who do not follow these principles;

Evaluate judicial performance on the basis of the Arizona Constitution, established statutory law, legal precedent, & “rule of law” principles (as a means of providing substantive information to educate voters).

Address the failure to correct documented misconduct in the recent past as the Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct is not a sufficient means of addressing Arizona’s judicial corruption;