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News Flash!

Nevada County, California is the new Afghanistan of America. Crime is so “out of control” that SWAT teams are now the order of the day, CelleBrite hacking phones are brought in by the Sheriff’s department and, of all things, a MINE-PROTECTED VEHICLE was added to the Sheriff’s arsenal to rebuff “rogue” property owners? What else does our local police force need, a minesweeper for Lake Wildwood, a posh gated community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains? That’s not all.

Did you know that practice SWAT drills are already being done in Nevada County schools to get our children used to the idea of police power?

Should we be subjecting grammar school kids to this madness?

These drills belong in countries’ like Iraq. And who thought of this and who really are the true rogue members of our society that are beginning to surface in America? Clearly, it’s not the militia who protected rancher Bundy in his famous standoff with the government. Not surprisingly, the rogue term belongs to Homeland Security, the NSA and the rest of law enforcement who now welcomes the unconstitutional police powers of the state.
So where does Nevada County and a Mine-protected vehicle stand in this mix?

Are the people of the county on the verge of anarchy?

My dear friends, whether you want to admit it or not, local governments, California in general, and a good many other states are swimming in a law enforcement culture that knows no boundaries! Although law enforcement is always subject to danger and is to be respected, we are not living in L.A. and everyone needs to be reminded that Northern California is not a giant terrorist camp that we all need to be protected from. Hello!

Presently, people can now be monitored 24/7 with surveillance technology and are looked upon suspiciously by law enforcement even if they are not criminals. Intrusion of our privacy with GPS technology, along with helicopter and drone surveillance is presently being used by law enforcement and other governmental agencies and this practice is
frankly, out of control.

Really? Yes really.

As I shared many months ago, Homeland Security went to a small county in Colorado and spoke with the city police, the highway patrol and the sheriff’s department. Here is one of the main points that was brought up at the meeting. Homeland Security was there to explain the importance for law enforcement and how there was a need to “up the
surveillance” on Christians and Constitutionalists. Need I say more? So Homeland Security is afraid of Christians?

Excuse me, this is absurd and it is also called profiling, to the max. And where is this directive coming from, the White House? How many other counties in America are being courted by Homeland Security for the purpose of profiling?

Sadly, there is something very wrong with our country and it is becoming more and more on a parallel with the model of an authoritarian state. Nevada County, or any other county for that matter does not need to fall into a slow death where the people’s rights are fully done away with while our Constitution and the Bill of Rights are deleted from our school textbooks.

But that is exactly where America is headed if the people do not take their country back!

The supervisors of our counties, pastors and the rest of our leaders need to step up to the plate and protect the people in ways that they are presently not doing or a military style law enforcement culture, which is already growing, will rule more and more everyday. If this is not done, liberty and those basic freedoms that have been a light to the world since 1776 will finally fade away into oblivion.

Where is the resolution to be submitted by the people of Nevada County and the rest of Northern California to stop this terrible outrage?