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new-logo25James Hufferd, Ph.D.

Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


“The truth always turns out to be simpler than you thought” – physicist Richard Feynman

Bearing that in mind, our basic task as 9/11 truth investigators is, simply put, to determine and to impress upon the 59203_518492681544067_1036204037_npublic what the evidence shows. If said evidence unambiguously indicates who is responsible (as most of us tend to believe), then that’s automatically part of the burden of our message. If it only shows, as some insist, that the myth-producing official story is untrue and nothing more, then that is.

We can’t reliably provide all the details of how and why, because we don’t have all the evidence. And that’s where theories, involving conspiracies or otherwise, come in – possibly right, but at the risk of making us an uncertain trumpet when we lack proof fully substantiating our claims. But yet, all that is needed is what the evidence clearly indicates. Emphasizing what we cannot prove divides and obscures that which we can.

How should we best respond when people don’t agree with what we regard as clear from the available evidence? Should we demand that everyone run around like we tend to sometimes, yelling “the British are coming!” (read: “the Zionists” or “the psychopathic imperialists”), like Paul Revere times John Brown? Too often, we come off like that, when we insist that having the awareness that the powers-that-be, and not Muslim terrorists, were responsible for 9/11 means that the bearer must suddenly morph into a sort of crazed revolutionary, all in for whatever it takes to restore justice and make the world whole. It would be better to admit to ourselves from the outset that not everyone, even if they know the War on Terror is a lie, will or probably should react by becoming a sort of contemporary Don Quixote. Some people – perhaps even as smart as we are – just aren’t wired that way. They can instead simply talk to their neighbors and co-workers, or do whatever the spirit moves them to do.

Because, what we really need, anyway, are convinced voters by the millions to threaten retribution against the cover-uppers, and not more bomb-throwers or firebrands. And to produce such a convinced public, we need persuaders, not insulters. The problem is brainwashing and brow-beating, not lack of brainpower somehow, or even apathy for no good reason, to which we ourselves are supposedly the rare and happy exceptions. We need to overcome a lot of bunk and insults to intelligence from both sides. And we can do it – just as Oliver Stone convinced America, though seemingly in vain, about the murder of JFK. Not in vain at all, though, really, because he proved it can be done. Not by overwhelming numbers, but by overmatching applied brainpower.

JH: 9/16/