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Create seeds which are genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) and patent them. Then convince farmers about their “safety” but also include the “greater harvest and more profit“ angle, even if some of it is untrue. But here is the rest of the story.

136078972_40b7e8eb82_m1There is an increasing demand for food worldwide, but presently there is a massive agenda by UC Davis, the EU and the UK to partner with biotech corporations in order to monopolize the food supply through unsafe patented seeds while replacing older hybrid and heirloom seeds that have been around for decades. And what happens if
corporations control the food supply with certain seeds that will only produce one plant and the seed from that plant will never produce another seed? The commercial or hobby farmer will either have to repurchase more seeds from those same suppliers again or they could purchase the older reproducing seeds as long as they are available.

But what if the good seeds which are non-GMO’s are banned by governments? Well, it is on the drawing board.

Big Agri, paired with the world ruling governments, are likened to oligarchies such as the European Union, and are already trying to make it illegal to grow, reproduce, or trade any vegetable seed or trees that has not been tested and approved by the government, more specifically the “EU Plant Variety Agency.” Yes, this is an outrageous agenda and the new law, if passed, basically puts the government in charge of all plants and seeds in Europe, and prevents home gardeners from growing their own plants from non-regulated seeds.” And if growers did break the rules, they will be considered criminals.

Welcome to the New World Food Order.

So basically, the EU’s devious intentions are meant to put home gardeners and organic growers out of business. Yet, all farmers across the board would also suffer immensely. Centuries of agricultural freedoms will be lost and the final destruction of food sovereignty will occur. Will America be next?

UC Davis, a radical GMO player is presently expanding its worldwide presence by partnering with government, biotech companies, and Bill Gates. The university which is the sole creator of what is called the Global Food Initiative seeks to establish “nutritional” centers worldwide. But how can UC Davis establish credible nutritional centers when numerous GMO studies have already witnessed major long term physiological damage that genetic tinkering has already shown? Inflammation in the stomachs of cattle is just one example that has been found from GMO corn fed beef.

“After reviewing more than 600 scientific journals, world renowned biologist Dr. Pushpa M. Bhargava concluded that Monsanto’s GMO corn is a major contributor to the sharply deteriorating health of Americans. Since the introduction of GMO crops, the incidence of people with three or more chronic diseases has nearly doubled, from 7%
to 13%.”

But cattle suffering from ingesting GMO corn is only the tip of the iceberg. Various stomach problems in humans are being tied to Monsanto’s bt Corn., plus the nutritional value of GMO corn is in the basement when compared to older conventional varieties.

“At an international meeting of entomologists in Basel, Switzerland, experts warned that Monsanto GMO bt corn crops exude 10 to 20 times the amount of toxins than conventionally grown crops.”
Quotes taken from: How to Eliminate Pain

In summary, there is no end to the problems created by altering God-given seeds fashioned by him alone which were never meant to be genetically altered. With profit and control being the major corporate motive, the genie is out of the bottle and it is time for the people to rise up to the occasion and save the human race from being destroyed by those seeds of destruction.

Now that’s some food for thought.


Charles W. Frank
House of Lords: America in the Balance