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Media parrots are churning out manufactured lies and fear-mongering messages about “the deadly Ebola virus”; hawking this drivel like a bunch of carney midway barkers; their message being: “. . . be afraid! . . . be very afraid! . . . but don’t lose hope. We have an antidote and vaccine on the way!”

1267436152This kind of media propaganda and disinformation is deliberately embedded in the public’s mind; the ultimate aphrodisiac in a game called The Big Scare played by the Wizards of Oz (aka the boys behind the curtain) to “thin” populations while simultaneously making billions off their demise.

The so-called current “Ebola Pandemic” (like the “Swine Flu” hoax) is funded by go-fers for bankers headquartered in The City in the middle of London; the same people who finance and control the world’s “vaccine” manufacturing industry, media, money, and governments with their 150 central banks (the Fed in the U.S.)

Did you know Ebola didn’t exist in the 18th and 19th centuries and didn’t appear in the 20th until 1976 in Sudan and Zaire; then again in 1989 from infected monkeys—so the public was told—imported into Reston, Virginia, from Mindanao in the Philippines; then finally in Cote d’Ivoire in 1994?

And here that wascal is again!

Did I mention they’ve never figured out where Ebola came from? Where/what its natural reservoir was/is? Is it a sub-zero-and-fire proof space traveler carried here on a fist-sized meteorite that crashed in Africa? You know, like AIDS that “ . . .just appeared in Africa one day?” Near a volcano, they said. From monkeys, the pre-Internet public was told.

The Dark Continent seems to attract diseases that cry out for antidotal drugs.

Oz’s end-game is martial law using the current “Ebola outbreak” that isn’t “. . . to stop a dangerous pandemic capable of destroying the planet!”

Their next step would be an attempt to force humanity to take the “Ebola Jab.”

But if the shot makes you sterile, sick, cross-eyed, breakout in night sweats, gives you diarrhea, or addles your mind, it could be caused by Ebola antigens—or even the virus itself.

Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

These same ghouls had intended to ride the swine flu “pandemic” to global martial law so they could declare themselves and their sycophants head of a new world government with a new world currency with themselves in charge once their Director, Madam Chan, at their controlled world health organization (WHO) issued a level six swine flu  alert; a pandemic they kept trying to start; this after three (+) years of “. . .a-pandemic-is-coming!—can you explain how anyone predicts a pandemic years in advance?—hysteria dutifully spread by Oz’s town criers that are now trying to mind-prep the public about a “possible deadly Ebola scourge”; both of which were/are variations of their multi-year-the-terrorists-are-coming 9/11 build-up MO that included routine government “terrorist reports” and “news releases” and tax-payer dollars shoveled at cities and states “with which to prepare for Middle East terrorists and later, swine flu complete with Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MESHPA) drafted as a sample for each state to pass that would allow them to lock arms with the CDC and feds during a bogus pandemic false flag “danger” to give those pesky citizens shots whether they needed them or not.


How would MESHAP help the states? With your health and safety foremost in mind, the Act would allow state health officials (that march to the CDC’s drum) to use the state’s militia (curious choice of words. Mercenaries? National Guard?) to:


  • Take control of all roads leading into and out of cities and states; 
  • Seize homes, cars, telephones, computers, food, fuel, clothing, firearms and alcoholic beverages for their own use (and not be held liable if these actions result in the destruction of  personal property); 
  • Arrest, imprison and forcibly examine, vaccinate and medicate citizens without consent (and not be held liable if these actions result in your death or injury).


Some states told them what they could do with MESHPA, or cobbled together a stripped down version for whatever carrot was dangled. So the Wizards switched to their puppet-run WHO and Madam Chan for a genuine martial law declaration when the time came.


When nothing showed up globally resembling a swine flu pandemic, a shipment of H5N1 flu-contaminated vaccine  destined for citizen inoculations in Europe was accidentally discovered by a lab technician who tested it on the lab’s ferrets and sounded the alarm before it was administered when he/she found all the ferrets toes-up.


A second attempt to start the pandemic was made in the Ukraine—arch enemy of the Bolsheviks who were funded by the forefathers of the same banking cabal whose go-fers financially coordinated the production of the swine flu vaccine and are underwriting the Ebola antidote and vaccine, lo these many years later.

If the vaccine had been issued to inoculate people either in Europe or Russia, swine flu probably would have been off and running and given Oz the impetus and cover needed to direct Madam Chan to pull the trigger on a level six pandemic warning that would have automatically declared martial law worldwide in nations that had agreed to abide by WHO “rules” and “regulations” when they signed onto The City’s banker-controlled World Trade Organization (WTO) “treaty;” the U.S. being one of those nations.

With a martial law declaration in their hip pockets their next stop was to have been a door-to-door collection of citizen’s guns which, like all criminals, they fear.

The Internet outed their 9/11 false flag “Arab terrorist attack.”

Like it outed their Swine Flu “pandemic”.

Like it outed their global warming scheme.

Like it’s pre-empting their false flag Ebola “pandemic” and if this disease shows up in America, know its release was deliberate. 

This whole Ebola thing could be explained if there was a bio-weapons lab somewhere in Africa. Oh, wait:  US bioweapons lab with links to the Bill and Melinda Gates …