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This show is hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Tonight’s guest will be Rick Ness, animal advocate for helping and rescuing animals.

We are their voices to be heard~

We are their eyes to see what is not right.~

We are their fingers that sign petitions and write letters~

We are their ears that hear and don’t like what we are hearing~

We are their legs to STAND UP and fight for what we believe in~

We are their hands to pick up the phone and call our State Legislators~

We are their mouths to say what they need to say~

We are their medicine to cure the pain and suffering~

We are the their actions to make them FREE~

We are their protectors and saviors to make this world a better and safer place to live in~

We are  their only hope to get every change made~

We are the ones that STAND UP for the defenseless, innocent, helpless, and voiceless~

We are their only hope to carry on~

The animals need us now~

Please don’t look the other way-  

We are “Voices Carry for Animals”.  **Paw In Hand**United We STAND UP for the Animals***

Written by Debbie Dahmer


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