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Why does Hamas continue launching rockets when it is getting crushed by Israel?

Robert Hunter, a former senior adviser at the RAND Corporation, an adviser to the White House under several administrations and the Ambassador to NATO, gives surprising insights into Hamas. In the video below Hunter reveals that Israel did play a major role in the creation of Hamas decades ago to diminish the popularity of the PLO. (Note: unfortunately, Hunter was wrong about his prediction for a truce).

Hunter says that Israel wants Hamas to stay in power in order to diminish support for the Palestinian Authority (PA) leadership in the West Bank. If the PA gained the authority to negotiate without calling for the total demise of Israel, there would be tremendous pressure on Israel to stop settlement construction and to withdraw from occupied territories.
He says that Netanyahu and Israeli hard right -wingers want to keep Hamas isolated and in power, leaving Gaza with no choice but to be supportive of Hamas.

Start video at 3:30:

Ron Paul revealed in a 2009 speech that Hamas was built up and originally funded by Israel in the 1970’s. The goal was to decrease the power of the PLO in a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy. He says that the US engaged in radicalizing Muslims in the 1980’s to oppose the Soviets.
Here is G. Edward Griffin’s assessment of of Paul’s revelation:

“It is commonly said that the US and Israel now are experiencing blowback from these interventions. However, it is likely that what we see is not blowback but the effects of controlled opposition.
The US and Israel could not engage in their current military ventures unless they could claim they are merely defending themselves. Under such circumstances, controlled enemies can be very useful for winning public approval for what, otherwise, would be considered as raw acts of aggression.”

Reporter Paul Watson documented prior instances of Israel creating fake jihadist terror groups and colluding with real jihadist groups in false-flag operations.
Israel has done this to create an excuse to attack Palestinians. Israel has coordinated bombings in Syria by jihadists and given them medical aid. A UN adviser reported that Israel has provided weapons and missiles to ISIS for use against the Syrian government. The Palestinians who were arrested for the recent murder of three kidnapped Jewish boys were with ISIS, not Hamas.

There is zero benefit to the people of Gaza for Hamas’ continued volley of rockets.
A new video has surfaced that was supposedly distributed by Hamas that reportedly shows their fighters running through concrete underground tunnels. But the Wall Street Journal says that authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed. Why on Earth would Hamas send a video of themselves in a tunnel when Israel has vowed to destroy tunnels?

The video could be a fake planted by Israelis. Or Hamas did send it in as a puppet/ agent controlled by Israel. Or perhaps Hamas is trying to provoke Israel into killing more people to gain international sympathy as Netanyahu implied when he said that Hamas is trying to pile up the bodies of Palestinians, calling them the “telegenically dead”.

Who Benefits?

Israel receives over $3 billion in foreign aid from US taxpayers each year for military equipment. Israel must spend 76% of the money with American-based contractors.
Congress just doubled-down on military aid for Israel’s Iron Dome, committing an additional $175 million to the program, bringing the total to $351 million.
According to the Huffington Post, since 1988, presidents know that whatever the budget is for the US to protect Israel with the Iron Dome, Congress will always donate more money after being pressured by Israel.

The new bill also saves some contracts and programs that were set to be eliminated.

Military contractors will make out like bandits in the new cash windfall, for a system that is very costly and doesn’t work, according to critics. Each battery costs $50 million; Israel says it needs 15 batteries to be fully protected. Each interceptor missile costs $60,000 to $100,000, or whatever the market will allow in a crisis. We do not know how many interceptors have been exploded.

The Iron Dome interceptor missiles must hit a rocket’s tip head-on with precision to detonate it properly. Physicist Theodore Postol disputes Israel’s claim that the Iron Dome is 90% effective and says that the Dome is effective only 5% of the time. He says the reason that there was only one Israeli death from the rockets is because the Palestinian rockets carry only a very small amount of explosives and the Israelis have an effective warning and shelter system.

In other words, the Iron Dome is essentially useless and only benefits the manufacturers of war machines.

Raytheon is one of the big “winners” in the cash bonanza as they have the contract to make the interceptor missiles. It is unknown how many interceptors have been used, but the supply is running low and Israel is getting supplementary funds from the US Department of Defense to replenish them.

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