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I realize my views on this are not politically correct, but I refuse to sit silently as so many others do who hold the same views as I do, out of fear that those driven insane by religious mysticism and magical thinking and a perverse interpretation of scripture, will attack. And they will. And those attacks, composed of profane language, vicious verbal assaults, remarks so filthy that it shocks the mind, will all come from people , many of whom are “born again”, who are so-called “Christians” professing some kind of relationship with their God.  The most vile and horrendous remarks I have ever seen posted on public venues have come from individuals who claim a personal relationship with “God”. 


War as entertainment brought to you by MSM

GetAttachmentYesterday, July 17, 2014, Israel launched a ground attack against Gaza. The cheering and excitement from the so-called “Christian” community could be heard around the world. Main Stream Media was soundly behind the attacks, talking endlessly in an attempt to justify the slaughter that would be the result. Never mind that there were thousands and thousands of Palestinian’s subject to that attack. And pay no attention to the fact that our government through successive administrations, has routinely stuck their noses into the business of numerous countries around the globe claiming human rights violations as the excuse. Yet they sit silent about the genocide of the Palestinians and send weapons, financial aid, even a few hundred nuclear bunker buster’s to Israel and publicly state that we support Israel.

Please do not include me in that declaration of support. I do not and will not support the genocide of any population, by anyone for any reason. I do not support any political party, church or religion that condones, encourages and revels in the genocide of any one, for any reason.

I am not opposed to nor in support of either Israel or Palestine. I am however, vehemently opposed to supporting the practice of genocide. I don’t care who is doing it. What they claim their reasons are, or what religion or political ideology they claim is validating their support.

The first shipment of bunker busters arrived courtesy of George W Bush, followed by a second shipment by Obama in 2009.

While publicly pressuring Israel to make deeper concessions to the Palestinians, President Obama has secretly authorized significant new aid to the Israeli military that includes the sale of 55 deep-penetrating bombs known as bunker busters, Newsweek has learned.

Hamas has been declared a terrorist organization. But is it any more so than the Israeli Mossad? The CIA? Or, how about our president who has ceded himself the authority to kill American citizens and foreigners without any evidence or a trial? Is this not a terroristic activity?

What we have here is a failure to cooperate

If I came to your home, claimed that at some time in the distant past my family might have lived there, then blew up your house, destroyed your family and took your land, would you sit there and do nothing? Why would you expect the Palestinian’s to just stand by and allow this to happen?

Never mind that food, clean water, medical supplies and anything else of necessity had been withheld from the Palestinian people for years. Pay no attention to the fact that the Israeli’s had been given a parcel of land belonging to the Palestinian’s, and that subsequent to that gift, has launched more than 300 attacks against their neighboring countries in the 65 years or so since then. Don’t think about the fact that Israel isn’t just this “tiny little piece of land”, but has instead, as a result of the ongoing aggression against its neighbors, become quite a large territory.

If you subscribe to this rationalizing of Israeli aggression, you surely would not object to native Americans launching a ground assault against you right there in your neighborhood.

I was told recently that archaeological evidence had been found to indicate that Israelites had lived in Palestine at some time in the very distant ancient past, and this made their claim to the land valid. This belief is based on a 20th century created ideology.

What is Zionism and who are Zionists?

“The turn of the 20th century saw a Jewish nationalist movement springing up with Theodor Herzl as its founder. This ideology was named Zionism and its supporters are called Zionists, the name derived from Zion, Jewish synonym for the land of Israel. The goal of this movement was to gain Eretz Yisrael back and to create a Jewish homeland in the country of Palestine. There are a large number of Jews who do not support the Zionist views, stating it to be completely different from the traditional Jewish beliefs, laws and the teachings of Torah.”

Well then……How about American Native Nationalists?

There is evidence all across America of native tribes having once inhabited areas we now live in. Using the archaeological argument, does that now mean that the native tribes can attack us? That they can kill off our families, take our land, blow up our homes? Starve us, contaminate our water supplies, withhold medical materials and blow up our hospitals among other things? After all, there is evidence they were here at one time, so it must be alright if they come and take it back.

Way back when we attacked Iraq

I remember the televised bombings of Bagdad as the war of aggression against Iraq, a country that had not attacked us on 9/11, began. Instead of images of caves and hovels being blown up, as we were told were the living conditions in Bagdad, we saw an ancient and beautiful city blown to bits. Also on the receiving end of those bombs, were men, women and children who had the misfortune of living on top of the oil fields coveted by global oil cartels, but who had been unable to gain access to those fields through the normal channels of extortion, sanctions, planned economic upheavals and whatever else was in the arsenal of political leverages commonly used against those who refuse to cooperate. To date, it is estimated that between 700,000 and 1.5 million Iraqi’s have been liquidated in order to serve the greed of global elites.

Shock and awe, indeed. I was most definitely shocked. Shocked that so-called Christian churches were beating the drums for war from the pulpits, claiming Christ was not the Prince of Peace, but instead, some blood thirsty warrior who loved war, and who would want us to kill the Iraqi’s. Shocked, that congregations were saying their hallelujah’s and amen’s to the wholesale slaughter of people they didn’t know and never would. And, awed at the willing gullibility of congregations everywhere to accept the horrendous conversion of Christ, made over into an unrecognizable menacing character. This too, was a lie. One born of religious zealotry, of twisting and contorting scriptures to suit personal biases and opinions.

Religion, just as government, needs to continually create enemies to be feared and then killed off.

Based on all of those lies our military was sent to Iraq to make the Iraqi’s pay for a terrorist act they had no part in. Men and women of honor, left their homes, their families and their lives behind as they put themselves in harms way thinking they were defending America. Too many have come home disillusioned, sick, and ignored by the very people who sent them there.

All of it based on well-documented lies, false intelligence and the biggest lie of all; they had weapons of mass destruction.

What the Iraqi’s did have was oil. Lots and lots of oil.

What the Palestinian’s have is a small piece of land; all that is left of an ancient and historical area known as Palestine, that once included 12 tribes of nomadic Israelites who traveled within it and whom established two kingdoms within its boundaries that have long since disappeared.



Israel begins implementing economic sanctions against Palestinians

In wake of unity deal with Hamas, bid to join UN organizations, Israel begins to implement slew of economic sanctions against Palestinians, day before talks set to reach deadline.

This week, (27th October 2009) Amnesty International published a report entitled “Troubled Waters – Palestinians denied fair access to water” which describes in shocking detail the extent of the humanitarian crisis that has been caused by Israel’s deliberate, prolonged and spiteful withholding of water from Palestinian men, women and children.

These estimates were made before the Western powers and their friends imposed the economic embargo and suspended aid to the Palestinian Authority.