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Predatory guardians: Dining on the elderly and disabled.

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Tonight’s show will start with a discussion on civil rights vs natural (constitutional) rights.  Also called [civil liberties] the difference is major.  Also, Cary-Andrew Crittendon will be calling in with an update on the retaliation against George Williams, by the court.


Across the country our seniors and disabled adults are targeted by predatory guardians who operate through probate and family courts.  Anyone can be targeted for committing the new age crime of [aging with assets].  Assets that predator fiduciary’s have decided should belong to them.  The system of legalized theft is facilitated by having the victim declared incompetent to handle their own affairs. Many active and vibrant seniors are declared incompetent or incapacitated by unethical doctors and psychiatrists who many times have never even seen the victim.  The same doctors and psychiatrists are used routinely by the courts and the predators as they can be depended upon to write whatever diagnosis is desired.

Please join us as we take another look at the horrendous system put in place to loot the estates of unsuspecting elders who thought they had their estates well planned.

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