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This is Big Brother.  He is here. He is from the government and he is here to help you……….


We couldn’t get Intelli-lights from Homeland Security Terrorism installed fast enough….

Several cities have already installed the Intellistreets light system, a brand of street lighting that is capable of recording video and audio of pedestrians and motorists.  LED light systems go one step further and also track and record those scan enabled license plates as well as your movements and any conversations.

The manufacturer of the LED system when questioned about the possible negative implications regarding unwarranted spying and tracking of individuals jumped immediately to child safety as an excuse for developing a system clearly meant to allow unfettered and wholesale spying on the general public.  Looking like the proverbial cat that swallowed the canary in the video below, even he could barely keep a straight face as he tried to use children as a cover.

Smart Lights: New LEDS Allow NSA To Spy On Your Every Movement


  • We have street lights spying on us in public.
  • We have your SMART meters tracking what you do in your home, not to mention making many people ill.
  • We got your scan enabled license plates so that you can be tracked for any reason or no reason as you travel.
  • These plates will also be handy for “tax per mile” calculation at the pump coming to a state near you in the very near future.
  • Our cell phones can be tracked using GPS installed in them.
  • Retailers can access your cell phone while you shop in their stores.
  • NSA can listen in and track you anytime they want on the phone, on the net, or on any gadget you might possess.
  • GPS allows the tracking and location of our vehicles.
  • Black box recorders are now installed on all new models of cars so that conversations in the cab of the car can be retrieved, insurance companies can access info about you and so can the NSA.
  • And there is not one major retail establishment that you can enter without having your picture snapped, compared to millions of faces in the system, and identified. You can and will be tracked throughout the store you are in, along with your purchases and how you paid for them.
  • We have nano-chips, scan enabled from satellites, sprinkled in numerous high volume food products so that what we eat can be tracked, if anyone really wants to know what we are eating and where we are eating it.
  • Medications are soon to be laced with nano-chips so that your doctor and/or insurance provider can determine if you are taking prescribed medications.  (You can be dropped from your insurance for non-compliance if you are not taking the drugs for any reason)
  • They will also be inserted into medical devices, like your hip and knee replacements.

No where to hide

We are being left with no where to hide from the invasive intrusions into our privacy.  Our right to be left alone, especially by a government that considers everyone of us a possible threat to their continued existence.

This is Big Brother.  He is here. He is from the government and he is here to help you……….

Big Brother: Streetlights That Watch and Listen