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“Fortunately for Mr. Holder, most of these extremists and kooks are easily located and identifiable as they are assembled almost daily in Congress and government in general. In no other place in the USA is the anti-American sentiment more prevalent than within “government”. 


Radicalized extremism in government

“We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders,”

These recent comments by Eric Holder, Attorney General are very accurate. We do face escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders. Fortunately for Mr. Holder, most of these extremists and kooks are easily located and identifiable as they are assembled almost daily in Congress and government in general. In no other place in the USA is the anti-American sentiment more prevalent than within “government”.

It matters not whether you speak of Democrats or Republicans, either one will vote against us time after time while exempting themselves from the same unconstitutional laws.  The idea that anyone in congress, of either party, would even consider legislation that they know is unconstitutional is unfathomable.  But, as always, we find out after the fact that stock portfolios were increased, personal holdings were increased and the overall net worth of the same politicians who passed a rights-robbing bill, was increased substantially as a result.

If someone could explain what happens to otherwise ordinary Americans once they become part of some government agency, causing them to turn with a vengeance on their own people in support of un-American, un-Constitutional activities, I would really appreciate knowing what that process is.

Let’s Identify the True Radicals and Kooks


No where is the majority of anti-American, anti-Constitutional government, threats to the peaceful, lawful existence of the US more active than it is right there in the District of Criminals. This should make the work of Holder’s “Homegrown Terror Task Force” rather simple and economical too! After all, as a result of being located in the District of Criminals, smack dab in the middle of the largest, most well-funded, domestic terror cell in the US, travel should be limited and most can accomplish their task force work in close proximity not only to their offices, but also their homes. Talk about efficiency!

And who, in what was once a great and noble nation, is not now terrified of what the government, its agencies and agents are going to do to us next?  Who among us is not concerned when we hear that the radicals and kooks in congress are assembled again?

“As the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet, it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”
Eric Holder

Again I agree with MR. Holder! The use of the internet to propagandize the American public by government agencies is anti-American and too many times very threatening. Yet everyday on the internet, government paid trolls are busy at work implanting false statements, comments meant to inflame and attack other posters, and collecting personal information for dissemination to various government agencies just in case they need it. Front groups are routine as are phony activists whose business it is to collect as many names and identities as possible on behalf of un-American agencies.

False news stories are the bread and butter of MSM, and are meant to sway public opinion even if it means telling outright lies and fabricating so-called “evidence” against individuals or groups.  As an example, the Southern Poverty Law Lie Center constructs a yearly list of people they hate and are afraid of.  This list is then sold to various government agencies.  This is the new face of red-baiting.

Even when one of the formerly radicalized employees of one of these government agencies blows the whistle on the over-the-top, unlawful activity going on in the agency, the propaganda gushing out of the government to protect itself is monumental.  The ensuing hysteria from government officials is claimed to be based on the exposure of critical national security.  And it is, if you understand that national security has nothing to do with protecting the country from terrorism, but rather, protecting the government from YOU!  YOU, are the greatest threat to the corporate government.

The Spies Among US

The absolute hornets nest of un-American, anti-Constitional activity is the NSA. This agency is the definition of extremism and represents a clear and present danger to the people of America. Radicalized employees view the public as dangerous threats to their existence and spend their time illegally spying on the same. Operating in collusion with Homeland Security Terrorism, the NSA is now part of the massive ammunition buy-up, and the purchase of assault weapons. Both NSA and Homeland Security Terrorism have detached themselves from America, and now present themselves as separated entities, not part of the United States. As such, they have now declared lawful US citizens as possible threats to their continued unlawful activity and have categorized them as threats. These include patriotism, those who advocate for national sovereignty, those who advocate adherence to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Anyone who supports candidates outside the two major party’s is also deemed to be a “possible domestic terrorist threat”.

What I find strange about Mr. Holder’s creation of the task force, is that this is the same man who took part in the Fast & Furious gun running operation via the ATF. The intentional securing and provision of arms to Mexican drug cartels to be used against American citizens was nothing less than an act of terrorism. At the least it was aiding and abetting a known enemy and threat to the people of the US.

Let Us Help You!

If Mr. Holder’s task force is genuinely concerned with ferreting out home grown, radicalized, extremist kooks, they could streamline their operation by walking down the hall to Mr. Holder’s office where they will find one of the most radicalized, extreme, anti-constitutional government proponents and threats to the peace and stability of the United States. From there, it is just a hop, skip and a jump over to congress. There are enough radicalized kooks there to keep them busy for decades.