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“Chris” joins us from Utah to discuss the organized criminal rings operating in Child Protective Services and Adult Protective Services.  Human trafficking at the hands of government agencies has now become “business as usual”.

Children are ripped from their families and deposited in foster homes where they are many times treated far worse than the home they were taken from.  Forced drugging with psychotropic medications, forced vaccinations and physical abuse become a way of life for many of these children.  The parents from whom they were taken are demonized by the agency.  The levying of false charges of neglect and endangerment against the parent(s) are pervasive.  Children are 900 times more likely to die in foster care under the supervision of CPS, than they are at home with their families or even on the street.  As long as the quarterly quota is filled by the agency and the funding continues, it is just another day in the business of government sanctioned child abduction.

On the other end of the spectrum, the elderly and disabled adults are targeted much the same way.  APS is modeled on the successful CPS system with an eye on profitability, theft of assets and estates, and is facilitated by the kangaroo courts known as “Family Courts” and “Probate Courts” .  Like the children abducted, the elders are taken from their families, isolated, medicated, and many times abused and neglected as the estate is looted.

These systems are government sanctioned and created criminal rackets.  The intent is not protection, but rather, profit.  At any age we are now commodities to be bought, sold and traded.  Nothing is off-limits.

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