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Tammy Hooks joins us this evening to discuss the ongoing corruption of guardianship as conducted under the protection of the BAR Association and the courts here in Minnesota.

Last years ruling by the State Supreme Court gave professional predators the right to end the life of disabled or elderly individuals, solely on demand.  Ignoring state statute which required the professional guardian to return to the court to seek permission to pull life support, the Supreme Court intentionally disregarded that statute and claimed that an earlier statute regarding health care, and powers of attorney somehow implied or could be interpreted to give the predator this power.  Clearly the statutes say otherwise.

Tammy’s son Jimmy Suski has been isolated from her at the behest of the guardian.  Apparently, Tammy, demanding that the neglect and abuse of her brain injured son stop immediately and that proper care be given to him, made someone mad!

To add insult to the injury, the neglect and abuse caused by the lack of care and concern at medical facilities that ocurred after Jimmy’s injury was, shifted to Tammy.  She has been labeled as an abuser although the records clearly show the bed sores, lost weight, and terrible condition of her son was the result of mismanagement and lack of care by professionals at several facilities.  When Tammy demanded that proper care be given to her son, the guardian stopped her visitation.

Tammy did not know where her son was being held for almost a year, nor was she advised of his condition during this time.

Join us for what should be a riveting show.


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