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“With most people in the US thoroughly fed up with the federale’s and their heavy handed, badge heavy, testosterone oozing, swaggering “the law doesn’t apply to me because I work for the government”, anarchist activity, it comes as little surprise to find out that the FBI is investigating those who showed up to support the Bundy’s, rather than those who showed up intending to harm them.”


An act of War

The BLM, an out of control federal corporate agency, appeared at the Bundy ranch sporting AK-47’s, attack dogs, tasers, tanks, military helicopters, grenade launchers and federal sniper teams fully prepared to attack and most likely kill the Bundy’s. Obviously, the BLM was ready to go to war against the Bundy’s; they were not there to negotiate or to make nice with the rancher and his family. And like it or not, this was an act of war perpetrated by a federal corporation against a private citizen.

1620385_620302828018437_1618545578_nThe video’s  showing armed and threatening BLM agents challenging protesters, are prolific. The array of military weapons and equipment was staggering in its appearance. The poised snipers obviously salivating at the thought of squeezing off the shot that would take one or some of the Bundy’s out. Had any protester raised their weapons, the all-out assault would have commenced and the bodies would have piled up.

The MSM dutifully reported that the protesters were “anarchists”, gun toting right-wingers, those who hated government!  Maybe they just hate really bad government.

This scene left most of the country stunned, appalled at the apparent overkill of the situation at hand and the more than apparent intent to wipe this family out. This was to have been a muscle flexing, you can’t do anything to stop us, massacre. It was to teach us all a lesson: The law does not apply to federal agency’s or agents.

Where was the sheriff? Where were state officials? The governor? oh yeah…they were all gravely concerned……and hiding under their desks.

The Crying of the Bully’s

Like most bully’s and others who thrive on terrorizing others, the BLM is whining and crying because after showing up with all their military gear to threaten and take out the Bundy’s, the family stood firm along with hundreds of protesters. And they had weapons too! This pretty much blew the whole thing. If they had just shown up without weapons, they most likely would have been mowed down like last year’s hay.

Ask yourselves these questions:

1. Who showed up with military war weapons?

2. Who showed up with 200 “troops” ready to take out the Bundy’s?

3. Who used tasers on protesters?

4. Who threatened the protesters with attack dogs?

5. Who brought military snipers to this fiasco?

6. Who came to the Bundy ranch with the intentions of launching what can be determined to be nothing less than an act of war against a private citizen?

And these people have the nerve to claim they were afraid for their lives? The BLM and other agents now claim that guns were pointed at them (gasp!) and that they had never seen anything like it! I imagine not! So used to bullying and badgering anyone who gets in their way, I’m sure the image of protesters prepared to counter an assault by the BLM was really scarey! But video evidence suggests that this is not quite true. In fact, not at all true. Apparently, the BLM was so terrified of the idea that anyone would oppose them, that they became paranoid.


The Metro Police claim to have intervened to “protect the lives of federal employees from the 400 or so Bundy supports and armed militia members.” (these would be the same federal employees armed to the teeth with military weapons)

They had to protect the lives of federal employees from the big, bad protesters who were mean to the BLM? Oh! Pleeease! The BLM overstepped itself, launched an attack against a private citizen with military grade weapons and snipers, and the Metro Police had to intervene to save the BLM from those mean ol’ protesters? Waaa..Waaaa…Waaaa!

Pointing a loaded weapon at a federal agent is illegal and individuals in the Las Vegas are regularly shot dead for pointing a weapon at Metro officers, but one must question why the federal sniper teams had the go ahead to put the Bundy family and their supporters in the sights of their weapons with no repercussions.”

Only the video’s show that this never happened; no one pointed their guns at the BLM. It was the BLM training its sights on the protesters and the Bundy’s..

And, terrorizing and threatening to kill a private citizen over a land dispute is also illegal

Its one thing to be the unchallenged bully on the block and quite another to try and portray a situation as if you were there just minding your own business and were threatened. But this is exactly what is going to happen. I predict the MSM will be on fire portraying the protesters as gun toting anarchists, while ignoring the act of war perpetrated by the BLM. You can expect to hear the words anarchism, anarchists, anarchy, domestic terrorism and terrorist activities about every ten seconds from the talking heads on MSM when referring to the protesters.

The FBI is apparently going to add fuel to the fire and also ignore the actions of the BLM, and will instead focus its investigation on the protesters

The anarchists, the domestic terrorists, the acts of terrorism were not committed by the protesters

This event was precipitated and launched by a federal agency as an act of domestic terrorism. This is who the FBI should be investigating.