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“Dirty Harry” Reid (D) NV, is said to be preparing to bring the Keystone Pipeline bill to the floor of the senate this coming week. No doubt the offices and votes of numerous senators are now in play as the oil money pours in. Every senator wants their piece of the big oil pie. Meanwhile, the lobbyists for the cartels are swarming the District of Criminals like a hoard of voracious ants, consuming one senate vote after another.

DIRTY HARRYIn the public sector, one side is convinced that devastating the environment, contaminating water sheds and supplies, continuous “spills”, chronically leaking pipelines, horrendous air pollution, the theft of land from the states is all just fine as long as they get cheap gas at the pump. They are equally convinced that the relentless drilling and pumping is going to make us less dependent on foreign oil. Most are totally unaware of our agreement with OPEC and fail to realize that as we pump millions of gallons of crude of various grades a day from the thousands of wells currently operating and which we have done aggressively for more than 50 years, constantly increasing the number and size of wells here in the US, we can never seem to escape the “foreign oil” specter.

On the other side, the global warming believers are hard at work attempting to tie a non-existent global warming/climate change/climate-gate/oh crap, its colder than ever, now what? fictional crisis into a reason to stop the pipeline. The general public is concerned about the frequent disasters associated with pipelines and the potential for a spill of some kind to devastate their communities or cause their tap water to catch fire. These are probably very relevant concerns based on the recent history of what happens when the oil cartels come to town. But these people also want cheap prices at the pump and many grudgingly concede to the idea that pumping and piping oil here in the US might provide more gas for less dollars per gallon. And it might if the pump wasn’t rigged ahead of time against us.

The problem is: Both sides are myopic

Our agreement with OPEC is that we will buy the bulk of the oil we consume from them and they in turn will use the US dollar as the reserve currency. Since the agreements of 1971 and 1973, OPEC oil was exclusively quoted in US dollars to create a permanent demand for dollars on the international exchange markets. This is referred to as the petro-dollar system. But now, OPEC is beginning to trade in other currencies as the US dollar declines and as our insistence on blowing up their countries and plundering everything in sight has taken its toll.

It is also the reason why no matter how much oil we pump right here at home, it will not benefit US consumers to any great degree. If OPEC drops the dollar as the reserve currency and moves to the Euro as they are signaling they intend to do, the dollar will collapse. The whole rancid central banking system will be turned upside down as the dollar is exposed as valueless. The federal reserve couldn’t print paper money fast enough to cover the losses incurred by a OPEC devaluation of the dollar.

Put the pipeline in YOUR backyard

The fact is, no matter how much oil is produced from the tar sands in Canada, we will continue to be raped by the oil companies. While congress refuses to repeal the 36 billion in tax credits and subsidies to the wealthiest and most profitable corporations on earth, they have simultaneously refused to cap oil prices. Free trade or any of the other euphemisms used to justify the failure to control and correct the oil cartels by government, is never mentioned when the subsidies for fuel assistance is required to offset the hyper inflated heating costs associated with oil; further subsidizing an industry where money flows faster and heavier than the oil itself. If this truly was a matter of free trade, subsidies and credits would be out of the question.

The public needs to understand that the subsidies for fuel assistance do not go into the pockets of the consumer, but rather, directly into the pockets of the oil cartels for a product they have already been compensated for many times over.

Keystone: First do no harm??

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request for route information, the Department of State revealed on June 24, 2013 that “Neither Cardno ENTRIX nor TransCanada ever submitted GIS information to the Department of State, nor was either corporation required to do so.” It remains unclear how the Department of State has determined environmental impacts for the project without this essential information.”

Leaking pipes, oil train explosions, underground leaks are just a few of the problems associated with this unnecessary pipeline. The really frightening part of this horrendous plan is that this pipeline will cross the Ogallala aquifer which provides water to eight states.

Critics say that a major leak could ruin drinking water and devastate the mid-western U.S. economy.

Keystone XL would plough across the north-eastern tip of the Ogallala aquifer as it traversed Nebraska. The Ogallala is one of the largest sources of fresh groundwater on Earth, spanning eight states and providing drinking water for two million people.

Tar sands facts

A full “wells-to-wheels” lifecycle analysis by the US Department of Energy shows tar sands oil creates 22% more climate pollution than conventional crude oil.

Climate pollution per barrel has increased 21% in the last few years.

Climate pollution from the tar sands has doubled in the last decade — and is predicted to more than double again in the coming decade.

Climate pollution from producing tar sands oil is projected to hit 104 MtCO2 by 2020. That is twice current emissions from Norway or Bangladesh — and exceeds the combined emissions from 85 nations.

Burning tar sands oil currently produces two times more climate pollution than burning Canadian coal. This is set to grow to four times more by 2020.

Around 15% of bitumen gets turned into a dirtier-than-coal fuel called “petcoke”, making coal plants that use it even dirtier. The bitumen flowing through one large pipeline yields enough “petcoke” by-product to fuel five coal power plants

The IEA’s global energy models predict that the world will only want to buy 3.3 million barrels of tar sands oil per day on an energy path that give humanity a 50/50 chance to limit global warming to an increase of 2oC. Proposed tar sands production levels for 2020 is 3.5 million barrels per day.

The tar sands projects already approved by Alberta will supply far more tar sands oil than the world can use on a path to leads to a climate “catastrophe”.


The Keystone will not reduce gas prices or the cost of any other source of energy dependent upon it. There will never be an end to “dependency on foreign oil” because such an end would also end the political leverage that “foreign oil” provides congress and the cartels. And, if that dependency ever disappeared, who would congress and the cartels blame for the high cost of fuel when you eliminate the competition?

Well, there is always the “peak oil” hoax.

Oh, gosh. I bet you think there is a limited supply of oil, don’t you? I forgot about the fictional peak oil threat, the other half of the leverage issue.  That’s the other half of the threat…..either we are dependent on foreign oil…..or there isn’t enough oil.  Either way they’ve got us.