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UPDATED 4-26-14


“Bundy’s situation was analyzed “legally” and politically for propaganda value before orders were given to the BLM to set this giganticus raticus fornicus in motion. Long-term, there’s mind prep unfolding here similar to the staged city lock-down in Boston and Sandy Hoax.

The BLM was handed a plan.”


Rancher Cliven Bundy maintains Nevada, not the feds, owns the land where his cattle graze. Regardless of a lower federal court’s ruling against him ( and against this Nevada rancher, the BLM raid on his ranch and the killing of his cattle isn’t about fees—it’s about using turtles to put him out of business.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA)” are blackjacks—along with the fed’s bait and switch “conservation easements” scam —that are used in tandem by government to either drive ranchers, farmers, and private property owners off their land, or to take control of their land with “model” conservation easements that leave government in charge of what they can or cannot do on a piece of property that might have been in their family for a century; driving its value through the floor in the process.

The feds have also attempted to add the Clean Water Act to their bag of unconstitutional thefts in the past, but the Supreme Court ruled against them twice. The first time in a 5-4 decision against the Corps of Engineers who, citing the Clean Water Act and the EPA’s Migratory Bird Rule as their authority, tried to stop a consortium of Chicago municipalities from using an abandoned sand and gravel pit for a solid waste disposal site by invoking the Commerce Clause that would have given the feds authority over such water; arguing that migratory birds needed the gravel pit water, and that protection of migratory birds was “…a national interest of very nearly the first magnitude…and millions of people spend over a billion dollars annually on recreational pursuits relating to migratory birds.”

The Court didn’t buy it, saying: “…we find nothing approaching a clear statement from Congress it intended the (sic, Clean Water Act) to reach an abandoned sand and gravel pit…to claim federal jurisdiction over ponds and mud flats falling within the “Migratory Bird Rule” would result in significant impingement of the state’s traditional and primary power over land and water use.”

In Rapanos v. United States , John A. Rapanos backfilled a portion of his 54 acres in Michigan prior to development. The nearest body of navigable water was 11 to 20 miles away. Government regulators informed Mr. Rapanos that his “. . .saturated fields were waters of the United States that could not be filled without a permit.”

The Supreme Court ruled against them again.

Now, the feds have ignored these two Supreme Court rulings and are trying to again take control of all waters in the U.S..

The BLM’s turtles—of which there are “only” about 100,00 left —have littered Nevada’s landscape with ranching casualties. Bundy’s ranch and lease—the only one left out of 50 in the area—are teetering at the edge of this bone pile.

As the government’s tortoise madness spirals out of control (as intended by the financiers behind the curtain), Bundy runs the risk of (1) losing all his cattle, (2) getting himself or members of his family shot by paid government snipers like the one at Ruby Ridge who killed Randy Weaver’s young son, then his wife while she held their infant, or (3) being shot by paid Blackwater-type mercs similar to those who picked off the Branch Davidians as they ran from their burning building.

Bundy may owe fees, but America doesn’t have debtor’s prisons yet, and the feds are directly responsible for using the least force necessary when dealing with him or his family or any other American if rule of law and the Constitution are still in effect. In Bundy’s case, the least force solution would be to file a judgment against his assets since they already have a court ruling against him.

But fees aren’t what the feds are really interested in. They arrived at Bundy’s ranch with an excessive armed force aimed at intimidating him and the viewing public.

Bundy’s situation was analyzed “legally” and politically for propaganda value before orders were given to the BLM to set this made-for-prime-time farce in motion. Long-term, there’s mind prep unfolding here similar to the staged city lock-down in Boston and Sandy Hoax.

The BLM was handed a plan.

The dead cows video is an attempt to remind the public what could have happened there.

The YouTubed BLM v. Commoners video was staged by a corps group of protestors. Late arrivals and rubber-neckers added an aura of credibility.

One has to wonder if the turtles are more endangered today than 20 years ago. Did Bundy’s cows—by grazing their territory for the last couple of decades—wipe them out? No, they thrived just like they did the previous century. A-bomb tests probably crisped and mutated a few along the way, but other than that, the tortoises survived massive bison migrations, wild horses, and cattle for thousands of years who, like the turtles, are herbivores.

So why is this turtle endangered?

Well, the Defenders of Wildlife says there’s only about 100,000 of them left.

See, the EPA/ESA is a nightstick wonks use to confiscate private land for the puppeteers behind the curtain.

The saga of an “endangered” chicken

The feds recently ‘confiscated’ (took control of) about 40 million acres in a five state area using the EPA/ESA and a bird that’s not even endangered. Just “threatened”. They think. In so doing they’ve driven (controlled) the price of private property through the floor wherever the sage grouse exists. Private NGOs (non-government organizations financed by the Fortune 100 and the international banking cartel) primed with tax dollar funds will sweat the ranchers and farmers and private property owners for a while, then quietly slip in and begin to make offers for their land at bargain basement prices; buying up everything they can. Which will be handed off (sold) to the feds for a profit which the BLM and other agencies pay for with tax dollars.

A racket.

We don’t know how many of Bundy’s cattle would have had to vacate tortoise territory. But the charade could as easily have been about water (denying his “animal units”—cattle—access) on public land; which the feds don’t own either. It’s reserved for beneficial use for whoever is using the land in the Western states, and whoever owns the land in the others.

That’s what  Hage v US was all about. Hage owned land outright surrounding his ranch headquarters in Nevada, and was paying his AU grazing fees when the feds tried to shut off his to water and force him out of business and off his land and grazing lease. Hage fought the feds for 23 years in court. The feds used every bureaucratic lawyered—paid with unlimited tax dollars—legal trick in the book to disqualify him and his AUs access to BLM land, but Hage parried every move and kept his private property and won his case when a federal claims court judge ruled he and his family had been wronged, and awarded them and their lawyers several million dollars in damages.



The government appealed the ruling because it threw a bucket of water on the bankers’ land grab scheme.

Time passed. The government refused to pay the Hages’—another gambit they use against older land owners.

Wayne’s wife died.

Then he died.

Then, a visiting judge who “happened” to be sitting in took a look at Hage’s case when the government’s contract lawyers “happened” to be on the docket, and spotted a “technicality” and told the Hage family they would have to go back and retry the case after 20 (+) years of factual litigation.

In other words, when a rancher beat the feds at their own game and it was time to pay for their wrong-doing and make him whole, the feds refused to honor their own court system’s verdict because they knew if they did, the Hage case would set a precedent for other western states ranchers to file claims against the government when the BLM tried to do the same thing to them they tried to do to Hage.

Using the EPA. ESA, CWA, etc., to confiscate private property, the feds end game is to force all people living on lawfully owned private property surrounded by what the government claims is “its land”, or who own land the fed wants for “. . wildlife corridors mandated by Agenda 21”, a program deliberately implemented to skirt the Constitution—a document that could not be discredited head-on—that includes forcing rightful property owners to relinquish control of their land to the government.

Agenda 21 was concepted by those wonderful folks in The City which, when folded over onto private landowners, became the playbook used to confiscate America’s an other nation’s property. The originators knew they could run up America’s financial tab (because they controlled America’s finances) past the point the nation could ever repay its debt on the backs of what working citizens remained after the nation’s industry was moved offshore. This allowed the money changers to foreclose financially on the country at their leisure using their paid congress and shill presidents and politicians and batoned agencies and ‘officials’ to legitimize the sell-off    of America’s and other nations’ lands to The City-owned World Conservation Bank in debt for equity swaps throught foreign entities like China that have trillions of worthless paper dollars sitting in their vaults to purchase property in Nevada to build solar plants, the desert tortoise be damned.

And when the feds initiate action like we’re watching unfold around the Bundy Ranch, it automatically devalues what private property he owns, too; making it impossible for him to sell it at fair market value or profit.

Bundy knew this when the BLM told him they needed to save the turtles where his cattle grazed. From that point forward, he had nothing to lose. A non-government organization (NGO) confederate like the Nature Conservancy will be waiting in the wings to step in and buy any private property Bundy may own inside “BLM boundaries” for pennies on the dollar which, “Constitutionally”, the BLM cannot do. But a private organization like the Nature Conservancy can; then “offer” his property to the BLM for a “fee,” who “accepts” it at the fire sale price, pays for it with tax dollars, confiscates his land, and kicks him off the lease.

All preplanned.

Copyright © 2014 by W. R. McAfee, Sr. All Rights Reserved.