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“We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” –Barack Obama,Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

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Domestic terrorism by domestic agencies

The civilian national security force was never intended to be populated by private citizens, but rather, by hired citizens who could be convinced to violate the constitution, and your rights simply by virtue of wearing a tin badge and told they were not constrained by anything as marginal as the law.34043_1thm

By now it should have become obvious, that rather than just using our military to attack us in-country, it is far more effective to militarize various federal and state agencies and have them do the attacking under cover of the agency. Claiming they are defending the law, upholding statutes and regulations, military style swat teams from numerous federal agencies have been steadily attacking, threatening and harassing private citizens. These attacks are nothing less than acts of war perpetrated by the federal agencies on behalf of the federal government.

That terrorist you are so afraid of is your neighbor

“If you see something…Say Something”…I would like to report that the terrorists we need to fear are inside the gates.

They were our neighbors, our family members; now unrecognizable as the transformation from ordinary citizen to badge heavy, agency employed, domestic terrorist takes place. And these people are domestic terrorists by any definition. They do not work for “we the people”, but rather, for corporate interests both foreign and domestic. They will willingly violate the laws you are required to comply with, without blinking an eye. The constitution? Your rights? Not even a consideration.

The Civilian National Security force that Obama was speaking about was created under the fake food safety bill passed in 2010, via “Dirty Harry” Reid’s infamous, unanimous and singular vote. Without objection! Every one of the remaining 99 Senators voluntarily vacated the senate chamber to facilitate “Dirty Harry’s” one unanimous vote. Every other Democrat and Republican senator was in on the deal.

And here’s how “Dirty Harry” pulled off the hostile takeover of agriculture By Fred Kelly Grant | December 21, 2010

Then, on the floor of the Senate in the late afternoon, early evening of Sunday, December 19, Senator Reid called the Recycling bill for a vote and there was no objection from the two other Senators who were on the floor. So by unanimous consent HR 2751 was passed. Then Senator Reid moved for reconsideration with the vote to be tabled. This was granted by the same unanimous consent because there was no other Senator on the floor. Then Senator Reid offered without objection amendment number 4890 which substituted S. 510 the Food Safety Bill for the Recycling Bill. Without objection, then the amendment was passed and the Food Safety Bill had been substituted for the Recycling Bill. Reid moved that the bill be read for the third time and asked for the question. Without objection, the bill passed, and the Food Safety Bill was on the way back to the House.

The result? The militarization of federal agencies in preparation for the coming assaults on family and independent food producers and on private property rights. This bill had little to do with food safety and much to do with assembling the in-country attack units now employed by USDA, FDA, EPA and the notoriously corrupt BLM.

Coming on the heels of S.510 was the hostile takeover of Agriculture, is the “America’s Great Outdoors bill of 2010”…..the hostile takeover of land, water, mineral, mining, timber and whatever other resources that belong to the states, now to be owned and operated by the federal government and any number of its privately owned sub-corporations that masquerade as “public service” agencies. Add in the multiple foreign corporations that now can participate in the pay-to-play system that will be facilitated by the “national security forces” wearing the badges of the BLM, FDA, USDA, EPA and any other rogue corporation owned by the federal government. Rip & ship policies are now used to plunder the assets of the respective states, stealing from the people of the states, assets that rightfully belong to them. The result is foundering local economies, loss of jobs, and the corresponding flight from the depressed area.


Not one Senator stood on the floor and identified even one of the actual threats to our food supply coming from industrialized corporate agricultural operations and contaminated imports.  And not one stood up and spoke one word in defense of our family and independent farmers and ranchers who have historically produced the most abundant and safest food in the world.

All is going as planned.

Terror alert is high….Government acts of war against the public

We were the most productive country in world history and have been reduced to an [consumer] economy. No longer economically viable on the world stage, we have seen the deconstruction of our manufacturing sector, textiles manufacturing is non-existent, and family and independent agricultural producers are being systematically put out of business to clear the way for corporate farming and ranching.

Virtually everything available for purchase in any store, anywhere, is void of “made in America” labels. We have been maneuvered into a position where we produce almost nothing and are dependent on suppliers from around the world for things as simple as toilet paper in many cases. Ask yourself what happens when the supply line stops? Or is intentionally halted?

Now, the federal agencies complete with their newly formed militarized and equipped swat teams, are coming for the land. Once the land is seized and private property rights are rendered void, the issues of water and production are moot. Everything comes from the land. Everything we have comes from land here, or somewhere else. Water accompanies the land. And so do the natural assets of the states, and all of it is being seized and plundered by federal agencies.

Acts of war are not necessarily accompanied by the dropping of bombs or the use of depleted uranium to kill off the populace. An act of war can be the withholding of food, contamination of water supplies, withholding water, or, sending government agencies out with military equipment to assault private citizens, sending the message to the general public that any one of them could be next.

We have much to think about here. Who are we as a country? What are we willing to tolerate from government? How bad does it have to get before we fight back?

In the end………

For most of us, the most difficult thing to accept in this, are the traitors who work for what is apparently our sworn enemy; our own government. Donning the uniforms, using the military equipment supplied to them by the government, they are prepared to come against us. These are not foreign terrorists; they were your neighbors, your family members. And possibly the biggest question of all is: “Why did it take so little to get them to turn on the rest of us?


“Over the past 20 years Congress has encouraged the U.S. military to supply intelligence, equipment, and training to civilian police. That encouragement has spawned a culture of paramilitarism in American law enforcement. The 1980s and 1990s have seen marked changes in the number of state and local paramilitary units, in their mission and deployment, and in their tactical armament.” –Cato Institute (more information below)

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