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  Marti Oakley


After the siege of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, many Americans were asking one pivotal question: How could American’s turn on other American’s as they did in Nevada?

The obvious pleasure the BLM agents took in assembling a large contingency, armed to the teeth against one rancher and his family is disconcerting to most people.  It is the same pleasure the wild horse advocates have seen displayed at the illegal roundups of the wild horses as they are chased by helicopters and run to exhaustion into the traps.  The displays of pleasure are not only visible, but audible.

After the Stanford University experiment August 14 to 20,1971 by a team of researchers led by psychology professor Philip Zimbardo, it became readily apparent how government agency aggressors were created.

The experiment centered upon 24 university students divided in two groups; prisoners and guards. The results were startling to say the least, but readily reveal what happens in the mind of ordinary Americans once hired by a dangerous out of control government agency and outfitted in exactly the same manner as those students in the experiment. The outward changes reveal the morphing of the individual from that as a common, ordinary and more than likely, average individual, to one of an aggressive and dangerous agent who quickly decides the law does not apply to him or her; only to you and only the way they want it applied. Just exactly what the agency heads wanted. The actual law, the Constitution be damned. They are here from the government, and you are in their way.

In the experiment, those students identified as guards were given uniforms, sunglasses, black leather gloves. These outward symbols of power and authority and the hiding of the eyes behind opaque sunglasses project the desired image. The students quickly became abusive, aggressive, and lost sight of the experiment limits, abusing the “prisoner” students to such a rapidly escalating degree that many left the project.

The same thing happens with agents of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). They, like many other federal agents dress up in identical uniforms, black leather gloves and the mandatory sunglasses and immediately assume the identity of the authoritarian figure; and one that is not to be questioned. Now, add to that uniform, AK-47‘s, attack dogs, military helicopters and snipers and you have a government approved and manipulated individual who is no longer recognizable in his own community and no longer considers himself part of the general public. Challenging this authoritarian aggressor can be fatal.

While this is a short summary of how one American is persuaded to turn on other American’s to benefit the government or in many cases law enforcement, it is in fact, exactly the what takes place.