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Election season is upon us.

Local and state elections are taking place and will continue through November 4th with the all-important mid-terms.  Do these elections really matter?  I would suggest perhaps more than ever.  These elections could determine if we ever have another election that even resembles fairness.  All have witnessed the effort to limit free speech and control the press in such a way as to affect the outcome of elections.  We have seen the term “voting intimidation” redefined so it applies for some but not for others based on the whims of the Attorney General.  We have seen efforts to enhance voter irregularities so as to benefit the 1016328_420444734736266_378341861_nMarxist/Progressives.  This election will determine the future control the Marxist/Progressives have to continue to further their agenda to complete the fundamental transformation to a classless Marxist society that was promised in November of 2008.  Not only are the congressional elections critical to stop this course of action, but so are all local and state elections. Many people will be assisting with campaigns, working phone banks and walking precincts.  We learned about private citizens being attacked by the directive of powerful people in Washington.  An example is Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote” who has had the full power of the federal government attack her by a directive of Elijah Cummings.  Freedom Loving Americans advocate that only citizens should be allowed to vote and to prove citizenship is reasonable.  The Marxist/Progressives advocate that anybody should be able to vote including non-citizens, people who died, and pets.  They tell their supporters they should vote early and often.  We recently saw the Marxist/Progressives who advocate voting early and often believe so firmly in this concept that they honor those who admit to breaking the law with multiple votes.  North Carolina is learning many people have voted not only in North Carolina but also in different states. What then is the issue that is so critical in this election?  It is simply, do we continue down the road toward a totalitarian state ruled by a huge powerful central government that controls the individual citizens everyday activities including his religious beliefs, his choice of his own health care, the size of soda he buys, and many other personal choices.  Do we continue to regulate more and more aspects of private business?  Do we continue to allow the central government to dictate to whom and on what terms financial institutions can lend money?  Do we can continue to allow so many regulations of businesses that even children can no longer have lemonade stands, sell mistletoe, or bake and sell cupcakes?  All governments are becoming so powerful they are teaching our youth if they believe in entrepreneurship they are evil and selfish and it is the responsibility of government to prevent them from becoming evil and selfish. The differences between Freedom Loving Americans and Marxist/Progressives is most clearly revealed when we look quickly at the two movements that demonstrate these differences and show the attitudes, values and political beliefs of the side they represent.  On the side of the Freedom Loving Americans is the movement referred to as the Tea Partiers.  The Tea Party started with the basic principle that government is too large and too powerful.  They advocated literally the words and intent of the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.  The Tenth Amendment says the powers of the central government are to be limited to those powers given to it in the Constitution; all other powers are reserved for the states and the people.  The real meaning of the Tenth Amendment is that we the people are the rulers and those in government are our servants. The Tea Party, in advocating for a smaller less controlling and intrusive government, stressed more personal responsibility and more independence for the citizen to make his own decisions.   The Tea Party said that I as an individual should be self-reliant and make my own personal decisions. After all, we are Americans.  The rallies the Tea Party held and holds to express these beliefs are orderly and respectful of property.  They are held legally and the grounds on which they are held are left cleaner than when they arrived. The Marxist/Progressives are personified by the Occupy movement.  The Occupy movement made demands.  These demands were verbatim from Karl Marx.  The Occupy group said those of you who have worked hard and achieved are responsible for the care and well-being of the rest.  The Occupy movement stressed that all deserve to take from the government, which means from their fellow citizens, just because they exist.  The Occupy movement stated this government care was necessary so they could be self-fulfilled by doing what made them happy and not necessarily what provided for them.  This type of non-responsibility was demonstrated further by their illegal occupation of private and public property, their destruction of such property and the filthy state in which they left the property. Yes, these elections will have a great deal to do with determining the direction of the country.  We understand that who controls the Senate beginning in January of 2015 will to a large degree determine who is appointed to different courts including perhaps the Supreme Court.  The Senate over the past several years has knowingly violated the law.  They have had more years in the last five where they have not passed a budget than in which they did.  The Senate violated the constitution when they voted on Obamacare ignoring the dictate of the constitution that all tax legislation be introduced in the House.  It is critical Reid be removed as Majority Leader of the Senate.

Local elections are as critical.

They are very critical in two specific areas.  We have seen local governments believe it is their duty to regulate the course of business as well.  It is in most states and communities so cumbersome to start a business that the number of start-ups is the lowest it has been since the early 1990’s.  Consequently, the number of jobs in small startups is at its lowest point as well.  We read constantly of people, including children, who have the American entrepreneurial spirit but are unable to start or continue their businesses because of controlling regulations and restriction of local and state rules.  When voting for local officials, it is paramount to verify that these officials support less controls and regulations so as to not strangle the entrepreneurial spirit.  The people who advocate these controls and regulations are simply following the dictate of Karl Marx when he said it is the goal of the Marxist to abolish the individuality, independence and freedom of the capitalist.  Yes, Marxism runs deep in many local and state governments as well as the federal government. Local and state elections are also critical because of the condition of our educational system.  Education in the United States is at a low point and declining.  The destruction of an educational system that was the envy of the world can be traced to two developments.  Education in the United States, when it was at its pinnacle, had no federal involvement and no teachers unions.  The states and local school districts were responsible for the education of the children within their purview.  The emphasis was education.  The federal government started to become involved in the early 1960’s and the Department of Education came into existence under Carter.  Teachers Unions have become more and more powerful across the nation.  As they gained more and more power they became less concerned with education and became more of a political force.  With both of these events, our school system has become less and less about education and more and more about indoctrination.  The teachers unions have publicly stated their goal is to teach the Marxist system.  They advocate that it is their responsibility to emphasize social justice in the curriculum.  The federal government is now advocating the use of Common Core, which is Marxist based and more concerned with social justice then education.  Our school system is now a system for indoctrination.  Marx emphasized indoctrinating the youth through state funded education for all.  Lenin said if he had a child for four years he would have that child for a lifetime.  The Marxist/Progressives are now advocating getting the children at even younger ages.  When you vote locally, understand that Marxism is rampant in our schools.  Their goal is indoctrination and not education.  Know the beliefs of the official for whom you vote.  The original function of the school was to educate not indoctrinate.  To educate means you teach a child to learn to search for himself so he can determine what it is he will believe.  To indoctrinate means the child is told what to believe and then to substantiate why that belief is correct. Yes this election is very important.  Will we get caught up in the debate on how fast we will go down the road of destruction, that being the road from a free and independent society to a conforming, egalitarian Marxist society?  Will we allow ourselves to be deterred by meaningless arguments such as how many people enrolled in Obamacare, camouflaging the real issue which is the intent of the Marxists to control 20% of the economy?   Will we allow ourselves to be deterred by meaningless details in any issue and lose sight of the real issue in all elections which is, are we the people the rulers or the servants?  Will we the people reclaim our rightful places in the hierarchy of government at all levels, or will we continue to relinquish more and more of our freedom by accepting more and more doles from those who ultimately wish to place all of us under their dictates because they believe they know what is best for us?  Will we be a free and independent society where individuality, the desire to achieve and the quest for excellence is celebrated or will we continue down the path of Marxism where conformity and egalitarianism in all aspects of life are demanded? Yes, this election is important.  The core issue is do we remain free and independent to make our own decisions as opposed to having the state dictate those decisions to us. Don Jans, Author and Speaker I am available to be a guest on broadcasts.  I am also available to speak to groups.  If you are interested in having me as a speaker at your group meeting, please do contact me.  I am very flexible and accommodating.  The message is critical. This was recently sent to me: I just wanted to thank you for the awesome presentation you did Tuesday night at ………………  You are a gifted speaker.  We bought a book and I look forward to reading it soon. I was the MC and I especially appreciated how you handled the question and answer portion.  Some of our members are fond of pontificating rather than asking questions.  And often times our speakers inadvertently encourage it by rambling on themselves.  Your answers, though, were precise and clear. Anyway, I am the faculty advisor for a club on our campus called the ……….  Our mission is to teach the Constitution.  I would love to have you speak to our students sometime next year. Contact Information: Contact by telephone: 310-902-3765 Contact by email: Website with blog, articles, reviews on speaking and book and “Boldly Confronting Marxist/Progressives” Search Don Jans on Google to see some of the broadcasts and speaking engagements Search Don Jans and “Patriot or Comrade” on YouTube