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As “troops” are assembled against one lone rancher, the assault on private property rights and 1st Amendment rights are being ratcheted up at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.


 From Ben Swann:

UPDATE: Strike teams of 15-20 agents are attempting to take the cattle and often in the process killing and burying the cattle in the desert. A group of roughly 100 peaceful protestors attempted to stop them and got in front of a convoy of agents in an attempt to call in the local sheriff as they perceived this as an illegal action. BLM agents began violently attacking the protestors, throwing women to the ground with a number of men being tazed. Agents ended up retreating after their initial attack. Protestors are awaiting and anticipating a more forceful response and requesting assistance from all freedom fighters/lovers in the SW U.S. and nationwide.”


Across the country, but most especially in the Western states, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has revealed itself to be nothing more than an uncontrollable and direct threat to the sovereignty and economic stability of the states. At issue currently, is the massive militarized preparation for the assault on the Clive Bundy ranch in Nevada, orchestrated by the BLM.

Having already illegally seized 277 of the Bundy’s 900 head of cattle, the BLM with the cooperation of so-called “professional cowboys” and with the willful blindness of Nevada’s governor, state representatives and senators, the Bundy’s stand prepared to defend themselves, their land and property rights, even to the point of death. The BLM has indicated it is more than willing to oblige the Bundy’s, setting an example to other ranchers or property rights activists that the BLM will do what it pleases and no one will stop them.

This is what the BLM and its agents are doing to other Americans.  Regardless of your  position on the Wild horse & Burro’s, or your position on cattle operations, your focus here should be the violent assault on a private property owner by agents employed by a federal corporation that routinely violates property rights, and rights of the individual to benefit the federal government.  If this man loses this battle, if we do not support him in his efforts to protect what is rightfully his, we all lose!

As the preparations by the BLM and its thugs continues, the level of testosterone oozing from every pore of agents dressed in military gear, flying military style helicopters overhead and brandishing weaponry and personal gear more suited for a military conflict, is literally dripping off the mesquite. Nothing is quite as invigorating as being part of a military style operation against one lone individual, knowing that that individual has little or no defense against the assault you are about to launch against them. And, also knowing that regardless of how unwarranted, illegal or heinous your actions are, you will never be held accountable.

And now they come for the cattle

The wild horse advocates have warned for more than a few years, that once the wild horses and burro’s were obliterated, the cattle ranchers and their cattle would be next. The wild horse and burro herd numbers were intentionally overestimated by BLM employees. These fictional elevated numbers were then used to validate the supposed need for slaughtering the horses and burros. While this was going on, the BLM facilitated the continued contracting for mining, drilling and fracking, leaving the land unstable, the environment devastated, water supplies depleted and/or contaminated.

Not only are the assets of the sovereign states being diverted to the federal machine, but so are the proceeds, with states and counties receiving a small percentage of the profits to offset the loss of revenues collected by the BLM and other federal agencies.

USDA, having already contracted with JBS Brazil, a massively large beef producer, is set to completely overtake beef supplies here in the US. Having already obtained control of 80% of all operating stockyards here in the US, JBS is counting on the eradication of US beef producers to cement the promised markets: promised by its contracting with USDA. US beef producers are only supplying 4-6% of beef available to consumers here in the US, with most of the remaining 94-96% being shipped in from Brazil.

Watching the ranchers get sucked into what was essentially a set up with them as the final target, was like watching someone weave a really nice rope for their own hanging.

The BLM, having successfully whipped the cattle ranchers into a frenzy by producing falsified science and environmental studies, has depended on those ranchers to lead the war on the wild horses and burros. The ranchers, possibly hanging onto promises of special treatment by the BLM if they would file arbitrary lawsuits, if they would go along with saying the horses were interfering with their cattle business and that they were a threat to the environment, paved the way for the coming eradication of their businesses.

Where have we seen this before?

The long running Hage case was the premiere battle for property rights as the same method of operation was employed by the Forestry Service against the Hage’s starting in 1991 when Forestry leveled numerous and obviously flimsy charges against the Hage’s in order to divert water to oil and drilling operations in California.

After years of court battles, the Hage’s were successful in establishing water rights and right’s of way on so-called federal land.

From American Stewards:

What still stands as a result of Hage v. United States, is the decision that western ranchers own their water and right’s-of-way on the federal lands. However, determining what will trigger a compensation claim for these rights under the Fifth Amendment is the unanswered question. The bar is set high at the Appellate court. Still, maybe a case in the future with the right set of facts can cross this hurdle successfully. But that baton will need to be passed to a new generation of ranchers.

From where we stand

If our state’s would revoke the corporate contracts that allowed the BLM, Forestry and other federal corporations into our states to conduct business, followed by reclaiming the lands arbitrarily confiscated by these same corporations using eminent domain, we could possibly side step any possible futures assaults on private citizens and property rights. Unfortunately, we have not one state official who will stand up to this federal bullying regardless of what is done to private citizens.

The theft and destruction of any state owned assets, or the profiting from seizing and exploiting those assets should be of concern to all of us. In any situation where these federal corporations have situated them selves, the economy suffers, the environment is destroyed, and our communities begin the process of collapsing. Property rights and all those rights associated with it, are what is at stake here. The down stream issues of the plight of the wild horses and burro’s, or the continued operation of the ranchers are the results of land theft from the states and the attacks on property rights.

Get the federal corporations out of your state!


Hage case